Saturday, February 13,2016


Who’s Attending TAAFI?

An early list of animators attending TAAFI 2016 in Toronto.

Jamie M. Dagg Gets Jutra Award for River

Canadian director Jamie M. Dagg wins 2016 Claufe Jutra Award for Best 1st feature film, River.


Brooklyn Tops Canadian Box Office

(February 4, 2016 - Toronto, ON) This may get a little confusing given the fact that just two days ago we reported that the...

Snowtime gets Golden Screen Award

The 2015 film Snowtime wins the Golden Screen Award.

Spotlight Cast Gets SAG Award

The cast of the 2015 film Spotlight win at the Screen Actors Guild Awards.

Winter Hymns Wins at Slamdance

Canadian short film Winter Hymns wins at Slamdance.


The Little Prince, movie poster

The Little Prince

The Little Prince. Based on the classic French novel Le Petit Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, in this first-ever animated feature film adaptation, a little girl (Mackenzie Foy) lives in a very grown-up world with her mother (Rachel McAdams), who tries to make sure she is prepared for it. Her eccentric, kind‐hearted neighbor, The Aviator (Jeff Bridges), introduces the girl to an extraordinary world that he discovered long ago, where anything is possible. The world of The Little Prince (Riley Osborne). Other voices include Marion Cotillard, James Franco, Paul Rudd, Benicio Del Toro, Paul Giamatti, Ricky Gervais, Albert Brooks and Bud Cort.
(Feb 12 - Montreal)
(March 11 - wide)


The Young Messiah, movie poster

The Young Messiah

Based on Anne Rice's novel Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt, The Young Messiah is the story of seven-year-old Jesus Christ (Adam Greaves-Neal) as He and His family come to a fuller understanding of His divine nature and purpose. It follows His return to Nazareth from Egypt and the violent strife caused by the Romans' search for Him — the Messiah. Cast includes Adam Greaves-Neal, Sean Bean, David Bradley, Lee Boardman, Sara Lazzaro and Vincent Walsh.
(March 11)