Big Shots at Hot Docs

Hot Docs announces some of the more than 200 special guests attending the 2019 Festival.

Canadian Films at Hot Docs 2019

Northernstars looks at some of the Canadian films screening at Hot Docs 2019


The April Fools

Jim Slotek uses April fools' Day to look back at some of his favourite fools.

Canadian Films Everywhere

A look at the Top 50 Films on Netflix now.

Coming Soon: National Canadian Film Day

Reel Canada announces details of National Canadian Film Day 2019

Pipe Dreams at Hot Docs

Stacey Tenenbaum's 2nd feature documentary, Pipe Dreams, to screen at Hot Docs 2019



The Grizzlies

leafThe Grizzlies is based on the true story of Russ Sheppard (American actor Ben Schnetzer), a high school teacher who moved to the town of Kugluktuk, Nunavut in 1998 and started a lacrosse team, which changed the community's way of life forever.
(April 19, 2019)



Seth Rogen

In Long Shot, Fred Flarsky (Seth Rogen) is a gifted, free-spirited journalist with an affinity for trouble. Charlotte Field (Charlize Theron) is one of the most influential women in the world.  Smart, sophisticated, and accomplished, she’s a powerhouse diplomat with a talent for…well, mostly everything. The two have nothing in common, except that she was his babysitter and childhood crush. When Fred unexpectedly reconnects with Charlotte, sparks fly as their unmistakable chemistry leads to a round-the-world romance and a series of unexpected and dangerous incidents.

 (May 3, 2019)