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Montreal ACTRA Launches Survival Guide
By Staff

<The Stage Parent Survival Guide>

(January 16, 2012 - Montréal, Québec) The Montreal branch of ACTRA has launched The Stage Parent Survival Guide. Written by Robyne Baruchel, mother to actor Jay Baruchel and actor and acting coach Taylor Baruchel, the guide, which was first published in 2002, is an invaluable resource for parents and guardians of school-aged children in the Canadian film and TV industry and spells out all of the rules ACTRA has bargained for and enforces to protect child actors.

The guide was launched at this city's Segal Centre for Performing Arts last week. In addition to the author, ACTRA National Children's Advocate and Treasurer Theresa Tova was also in attendance.

"When torn out of school or away from family and friends for long periods of time it can be overwhelming for young actors to maintain grades or have time for the normal and healthy activities of childhood," said Tova. "I can’t thank Robyne enough for her wisdom, tireless energy and willingness to share her knowledge with other parents.”

"Raising working kids in the entertainment industry is a complex parenting role," said Robyne Baruchel. "First and foremost, it should be a fun experience for the kids. However, the film and television industry is a sometimes highly stressful adult environment so learning the ropes of our business is absolutely essential if our kids are to be protected. -- The idea behind this survival guide was to give parents of child performers a basic understanding of how things work."

Jay Baruchel started his acting career when he was 12. "I literally could not have achieved anything of merit in my career without my mother and her watchful eye. A young performer needs many things to happen in order to succeed. First on that list is a vigilant parent who is well versed in ACTRA regulations and knows the ropes. There are few people as well informed in that regard as my mother. Her book is an invaluable resource for any parent of a potential performer."

Robyne Baruchel is a former agent and stage mom and is currently Director of Montreal’s On-Camera Acting Workshops at The Studio and Just a Stage Mom. The book will be available at select bookstores and online.

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