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Kissed (1996)


;Kissed, black & white production still;; The italian version of the poster for Kissed was scanned from an original in the Northernstars Collection.

Kissed began life as We So Seldom Look on Love, a short story by Barbara Gowdy and deals with the ultimate sexual taboo — necrophilia. The story centres on Sandra who became fascinated with the concept of death when she was not yet a teenager. She creates elaborate rituals for dead animals and grows up to become an embalmer at a funeral parlor. Here, in the sanctity of the mortuary, she begins to explore her darker emotions with nightly visits to the corpses of dead men. When a real live man, Matt, who is a medical student, falls for her, Sandra fesses up to her strange behaviour. Matt`s need for this particular relationship drives him to find a way to make contact with Sandra on a level only she can understand. Kissed was the debut feature for director Lynne Stopkowich who also adapted the story for her screenplay. It opened to rave reviews at both the Vancouver International Film Festival and the Toronto International Film Festival where it won a Best Canadian Feature – Special Jury Citation. Parker was given the 1997 Genie Award for Best Actress for her work in this film.

78 minutes – Drama
Opening date: September 1996 (Toronto International Film Festival)
Canadian Distributor: Malofilm Distribution
US Distributor: Samuel Goldwyn Company
;Route 132, movie poster;

Executive Producer:

Associate Producer:


Molly Parker
Peter Outerbridge
Jay Brazeau
Natasha Morley
Jessie Winter Mudie
James Timmons
Joe Maffei
Robert Thurston
Annabel Kershaw
Tim Dixon
Amber Warnat
Bill Finck
Janet Craig
Edward Davey
Hamish Wilson
John Pozer
Dean English
Lynne Stopkewich
Jessica Fraser
Lynne Stopkewich
Angus Faser
Lynne Stopkewich
Greg Middleton
John Pozer
Peter Roeck
Lynne Stopkewich

Sandra Larson
Mr. Wallis, Mortician
Young Sandra
Jan, Mortuary Janitor
Biology Teacher
Mother Larson
Father Larson
Lisa Brown
Embalming Professor
A Cadaver