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Leslie Hope
b. May 6, 1965 in Halifax, Nova Scotia

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Leslie Hope grew up in a military family, and that usually means moving on a regular basis. When she was 15, the family moved to Italy, and she enrolled at a boarding school to finish her pre-college training. Instead of pursuing her original plan to become a lawyer, she decided to rebel, announcing to her parents that she wanted to be an actor. In 2008, Hope stepped behind the camera to write and direct the short documentary, What I See When I Close My Eyes, which screened at the 2009 Female Eye Film Festival in Toronto. Leslie Hope played opposite Bruce Greenwood in the series The River.

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Features & TV Movies:
VR indicates Direct-to-Video Release

Prep School (1981)
Ups and Downs (1983)
Love Streams (1984)
Sword of Gideon (TV-1986)
The Education of Allison Tate (1986)
Talk Radio (1988)
Kansas (1988)
It Takes Two (1988)
Ask Me Again (TV-1989)

Men at Work (1990)
Working Tra$h (TV-1990)
The Dance Goes On (1991)
The Big Slice (1991)
True Confections (1991)
Paris, France (1993)
Doppelganger (1993)
Sweet Killing (1993)
Caught in the Act (TV-1993)
Fun (1994)
Cityscrapes: Los Angeles (1994)
Boozecan (1994)
Schemes (1995)
First Degree (1995)
Seduced by Madness (TV-1996)
Rowing Through (1996)
The Conspiracy of Fear (TV-1996)
Bram Stoker's Shadow Builder (1997)
Summer of the Monkeys (1998)
Dead Aviators (1998)
Blackout Effect (TV-1998)
This Matter of Marriage (TV-1998)
The Life Before This (1999)
Water Damage (1999)

The Spreading Ground (2000)
RoboCop: Prime Directives (TV-2000)
Bruiser (2000)
Sanctuary (TV-2001)
Stolen Miracle (TV-2001)
Dragonfly (2002)
An Unexpected Love (TV-2003)
Deadly Friends (TV-2003)
The Incredible Mrs. Ritchie (2004)
The Death and Life of Nancy Eaton (TV-2003)
Meltdown (TV-2004)
Open Heart (TV-2004)
Hunt for Justice (TV-2005)
Runaway (TV-2006)
Karol - The Pope, the Man (TV-2006)
Don't Cry Now (TV-2007)
The Apostles (TV-2008)
Never Back Down (2008)
Jesse Stone: Thin Ice (TV-2008)
Formosa Betrayed (2009)

Tangled (TV-2010)
Mindfield (2012, short)
Clementine (TV-2014)
Crimson Peak (2015)

TV Series - Cast:
Knots Landing (1985-1986)
Berrengers (1985)
War and Remembrance (mini-series, 1989)

24 (2001-2002)
The Line of Fire (2003)
Human Cargo (mini-series, 2004)
H20: The Last Prime Minister (mini-series, 2004)
Commander-in-Chief (2005-2006)
Runaway (2006-2008)
Everest (mini-series, 2007)

The River (2011)

Credits as a Director:
What I See When I Close My Eyes (2008)
My Neighbor's Secret (TV-2009)

GayKeith (2011)
Buried Treasure (2012, short)
Merry In-Laws (TV-2012)
Christmas in the Bayou (TV-2013)

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