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Baby Blues

86 minutes – Drama
Release date: November 15, 2007
Canadian distributor: Rocky Mountain Picture Company
Josie Paterson arrives in the outskirts of a city community. A quiet, guarded woman, who is attempting to start her life over after a tragic incident. She gets a job at a run down diner, where she meets a young waitress who has come to terms with her dead end job. Hiding from her past Josie forms an unlikely friendship with her kind hearted co-worker and a romance with a young drifter musician named Max. Max shows Josie that not everyone sees a monster when they look at her. As Josie begins to realize that she can’t hide from her past forever, she dreams of being reunited with her son. Josie must however, cope with the terrible prospect that by finding her son, she will reawaken her past.

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