Invisible Essence: The Little Prince

leafInvisible Essence: The Little Prince is a feature documentary from director Charles Officer that examines the legacy of Antoine de Saint-Exupery's famous novella
(March 17, 2019 - Edmonton, AB)
(April 5, 2019 - Vancouver, BC)
April 19, 2019 - Guelph, ON)

The Woman Who Loves Giraffes

leaf The Woman Who Loves Giraffes is about Anne Innis Dagg, who in 1956 when she was 23 travelled to South Africa to become the world’s first scientist to study the behaviour of an animal in the wild. Her pioneering efforts were ground- breaking, but her career was destroyed upon her return home.
(March 20 - Wolfville, Nova Scotia - Fundy Film Society)

Through Black Spruce

leafSuzanne Bird, a young Cree woman, goes missing in Toronto, where she went after leaving the remote Northern Ontario town she grew up in, to become a successful model. Up north, her uncle Will (Brandon Oakes) clashes with a local drug dealer who believes Will knows her whereabouts. Through Black Spruce was directed by Don McKeller.
(March 29)

Giant Little Ones

leafGiant Little Ones is a coming-of-age story about the power of love without labels. It is writer/director Keith Behrman’s 2nd feature film, following the success of his acclaimed debut feature Flower & Garnet.
(March 29, 2019)

The Grizzlies

leafThe Grizzlies is based on the true story of Russ Sheppard (American actor Ben Schnetzer), a high school teacher who moved to the town of Kugluktuk, Nunavut in 1998 and started a lacrosse team, which changed the community's way of life forever.
(April 19, 2019)