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Howard Shore, composer,

Howard Shore

Find film composer Howard Shore on
Mychael Danna, composer,

Mychael Danna

Find Canadian film composer Mychael Danna on
Oscar Peterson, composer, pianist, jazz, singer,

Oscar Peterson

Find Canadian jazz pianist Oscar Peterson on
Benoît Charest, composer,

Benoît Charest

Find Canadian composer Benoît Charest on

Louis Applebaum

Find Canadian composer Louis Applebaum on

Galt MacDermot

Find Canadian composer Galt MacDermot on
Jeni Ross, actress, Canadian,

Jeni Ross

Find Canadian actress Jeni Ross on

Maurice Blackburn

Find Canadian film composer Maurice Blackburn on
Andrew Lockington, film, composer,

Andrew Lockington

Find Canadian film composer Andrew Lockington on
Oscar Peterson, composer, pianist, jazz, singer,

Oscar Peterson – Biography

Find a biography of Oscar Peterson on

Normand Corbeil

Find Canadian film composer Normand Corbeil on
Leon Aronson, composer,

Leon Aronson

Find composer Leon Aronson on
Lucio Agostini, composer,

Lucio Agostini

Find Canadian composer Lucio Agostini on
Neil Young, composer,

Neil Young

Find singer-composer Neil Young on
Bryan Adams, composer, singer,

Bryan Adams

Find singer-composer Bryan Adams on

Pierre F. Brault

Find film composer Pierre F. Brault on

Robert Farnon – Biography

Read a biography about Canadian film composer Robert Farnon on the Canadian Movie Database.
Robert Farnon, composer,

Robert Farnon

Find Canadian composer Robert Farnon on

Paul Shaffer

Learn more about Canadian composer Paul Shaffer on the Canadian Movie Database.

Vikas Kohli – Composer

Learn more about Canadian film composer Vikas Kohli on the Canadian Movie Database.


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