Norman Jewison, direcfor,

Norman Jewison

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Atom Egoyan, director, screenwriter,

Atom Egoyan

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Atom Egoyan Interview – Part 3

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Atom Egoyan: Face The Strange

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André Forcier, film director,

André Forcier

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Sophie Dupuis

Sophie Dupuis

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Thom Fitzgerald, film director,

Thom Fitzgerald

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Felipe Rodriguez, film director,

Felipe Rodriguez

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Martin Gero, film director,

Martin Gero

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Joyce Wieland, director,

Joyce Wieland

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Pierre Perrault, director,

Pierre Perrault

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Sébastien Rose, film director,

Sébastien Rose

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Robert Crossman

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Denys Arcand, director,

Denys Arcand

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Nisha Ganatra, director,

Nisha Ganatra

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Michel Brault, director, cinematographer,

Michel Brault

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Basher Shibib, director,

Bashar Shbib

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Mina Shum

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Mark Penny

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Brian McKenna, director, producer,

Brian McKenna

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