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Charles Martin Smith, director,

Charles Martin Smith

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Anita Doron

Anita Doron

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Zoe Hopkins, director,

Zoe Hopkins

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Robin Spry, director,

Robin Spry – Biography

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Rosemary House

Rosemary House

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Jason Reitman, director,

Jason Reitman

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Allan Moyle, director

Allan Moyle

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Allan Moyle - The Rules

Allan Moyle – The Rules

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Simon Ennis, director,

Simon Ennis

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Pavan Moondi, director,

Pavan Moondi

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Kazik Radwanski, director,

Kazik Radwanski

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Hugh Gibson, director,

Hugh Gibson

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Aram Collier, director,

Aram Collier

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Albert Shin, director,

Albert Shin

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Brandon Cronenberg, director,

Brandon Cronenberg

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Robin Spry, director,

Robin Spry

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Pat Mills, director, actor,

Pat Mills

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Denis Villeneuve

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Tim Southam, director,

Tim Southam

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Lewin Webb

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