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Michael Pearson, director,

Michael Pearson

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Lena Macdonald

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Dylan Pearce

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Louise Archambault: The Ties that Bind, image,

Louise Archambault: The Ties that Bind

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Jeremy Podeswa, director,

Jeremy Podeswa

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Gavin Michael Booth

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Ralph Lucas

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Daniel Roby

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George Mihalka

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Michelle Latimer

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Zoe Hopkins

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Geoff Redknap

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Robert Cuffley

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Leonard Farlinger

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Pierre Perrault

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Reg Harkema

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Yves-Christian Fournier

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Nisha Ganatra

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Denys Arcand

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Director X

Superfly is a distant remake of the 1972 film with the same title. Directed by Canadian-born Director X, Trevor Young plays a character named Youngblood Priest. He’s a cocaine dealer who decides to make one more deal before getting out of the business and turning his life around. However, he finds out that leaving behind his life of crime is more difficult than he'd imagined.
(June 13)