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Citizen Duane

85 minutes – Comedy
Release date: November 16, 2007
DVD release date: February 5, 2008
Canadian Distributor: Maple Pictures
High schooler Duane Balfour (Douglas Smith) is an eighteen-year old Don Quixote in the tiny town of Ridgeburg. Born into a family with a legacy of spectacular failure, Duane has suffered one too many humiliations at the hands of the Milton Family throughout his life. When a devastating student election loss to his nemesis Chad Milton (Nicholas Carella) finally pushes him over the edge, Duane decides to take his crusade up to a whole new level and sets his sights squarely at the top of the Milton ladder. This time, he`s going after his father’s nemesis — Chad’s grandmother and the long-time incumbent mayor of Ridgeburg — Kelly Milton (Rosemary Dunsmore). “Candidate” Balfour launches an all-out war against City Hall. His goal is simple – topple Mayor Milton and bring down the whole system she and her family represent. Duane enlists his thirteen-year-old brother Maurie (Devon Bostick) as his campaign manager and turns to weird uncle Bingo (Donal Logue) to fund his his campaign. Along for the ride is Duane`s on-again, off-again girlfriend Molly (Jane McGregor) who knows how to handle Duane better than just about anybody else.

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