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Tim Southam
October 1, 1961

<Tim Southam>

Tim Southam's many films include the critically acclaimed dramas The Bay of Love and Sorrows, The Tale of Teeka/ L’Histoire de l’oie, and One Dead Indian; as well as the celebrated documentaries Drowning in Dreams, Satie and Suzanne and Perreault Dancer. Southam has served as director on the television series and mini-series jPod, The Dead Zone, ‘da Kink in my Hair, Moose TV, Naked Josh, Trudeau II: Maverick in the Making, and Blue Murder, and as writer on North of 60 and Traders. His work has won awards at many international festivals, multiple Gemini and Gémeaux awards, including three for best direction, and nominations for the Genie, Grammy, Jutra and DGC awards.

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Features & TV Movies:
VR indicates Direct-to-Video Release

What She Wrote (1990)
Modulations de fréquence (1992)
Dober Man (1992)
Satie and Suzanne (1994)
Drowning in Dreams (1997)
The Tale of Teeka/ L’Histoire de l’oie (TV-1998)

Island of the Dead (2000)
The Bay of Love and Sorrows (2002)
Inner Voices (TV-2003)
A Spy's Life: Kitty Harris (2004)
Danser Perreault (2005)
One Dead Indian (TV-2005)
Brian Macdonald, Virtuoso Eclectic (2008, short)

Love Letters (TV-2010)
Stay With Me (TV-2011)
Brent Carver: Home Through the Night (2014, documentary, short)

TV Series (at least 1 episode):
Blue Murder (2001)
Trudeau II: Maverick in the Making (mini-series, 2005)
Naked Josh (2005)
The Dead Zone (2007)
Moose TV (2007)
da Kink in My Hair (2007, 2009)
jPod (2008)
Heartland (2008)
Flashpoint (2009)
Triple Sensation: Inspiration & Performance (2009)
Bones (2009, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2014)

Unnatural History (2010)
Haven (2010, 2011)
House (2011, 2012)
Rookie Blue (2012)
Cracked (2013)

<The Bay of Love and Sorrows>

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