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<Deadlines, deadlines, deadllines>

(December 18, 2014 - Toronto, ON) There are a few important deadlines in the film calendar that are rapidly approaching and depending on what you do in the Canadian film biz, you need to pay attention. If you're a documentary filmmaker, then there are deadlines at both DOXA and Hot Docs that are ridiculously close. Meanwhile, if you're a cameraperson then there's a deadline for both members and non-members of the Canadian Society of Cinematographers you need to pay attention to.Arrow

<A six pack of Canadian films for the holidays> (December 18, 2015 - Toronto, Ontario) Americans write pop songs and make movies for every holiday in the year; Canadians not so much. Example? It might be titled Black Christmas, but it's actually more of a Halloween film. However, it does offer one surprising gem from the same American-born director of that film, Bob Clark. Adapted from the works of American humourist Jean Shepherd, A Christmas Story is a grouping of vignettes about family life and small-town America in the mid-1940s tied together with a rather flimsy plot device. And it's one of what we're calling a six-pack of Canadian films for the Holidays.Arrow
<Toronto Film Critics Announce 2014 Awards> (December 16, 2014 - Toronto, ON) The Toronto Film Critics Association (TFCA) has announced its picks for the 2014 film year and Boyhood has come out on top. The film, which was written and directed by Richard Linklater began shooting in 2002. It tracks the life of a boy from 6 to 18. The recipient of many awards and accolades, the TFCA also recognized the work of Linklater with its directing prize and costar Patricia Arquette was named best supporting actress. Boyhood has picked up five nominations for the Golden Globes and is likely to be a serious Oscar® contender for best picture.Arrow
<Kiefer Sutherland> Today's Birthdays:
Northernstars Jean Gascon, Roc LaFortune, Larry Day, Kiefer Sutherland, Aloka McLean and Haylee Wanstall were born on December 21. Known for the breakthrough series 24, Kiefer Sutherland has played an amazing range of roles on the large and small screen and on stage. He started life as Kiefer William Frederick Dempsey George Rufus Sutherland. His dad, as everyone knows, is Canadian actor Donald Sutherland. Kiefer and his twin sister Rachel, were born in England, but when their parents divorced they and mom Shirley Douglas moved to Toronto.Arrow
<Cooper's Christmas> Coming Soon:
Think Christmas goes rogue in this very funny Warren P. Sonoda film, Cooper's Christmas. Originally released as Cooper's Camera, the concept is based on a dysfunctional family coming across old VHS tapes. Watch (in horror or in humour) as teen girls are ogled by family members, explicit sexual situations unreel, there are scenes with heavy drinking and smoking, and a suicide attempt. It's all played for humour, but this isn't a Christmas movie for the kiddies. The Daily Show's Samantha Bee and Jason Jones costar. This film is screening only in Toronto. Pity.Arrow

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