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<India's Daugher on CBC this Sunday"

(March 3, 2015 - Toronto, ON) This Sunday, March 8, is International Women's Day. In honour of the day and the women it celebrates, the CBC is joining other networks around the world airing a special documentary titled India's Daughter. In a land that can sometimes seem magical and can sometimes claim to be the seat of the world peace movement, there is a violent belief system that rules its archaic and unnecessary caste system which at its heart places women at risk and often places them in danger. India’s Daughter is the story of the gang rape and murder of a young woman that shocked the world and sparked riots and protests all over India.Arrow

<Standby to open Tornto Irish Film Fest> (March 3, 2015 - Toronto, ON) The 2015 Toronto Irish Film Festival, which could call itself TIFF, but doesn't, opens this Friday. It's the 5th annual showing for this relatively new fest and the opening film is a doozy. It's titled Standby and it costars Brian Gleeson and Mad Men costar Jessica Paré. “We’re delighted to be celebrating five years of TIRFF”, said Michael Barry, co-founder of the festival. He went on to say that the festival "has become an annual event for Toronto’s Irish community and for everyone who loves Irish film. We owe a lot to our sponsors and partners, and above all our audience, who have helped us reach this landmark year."Arrow
<Orphan Black, Mommy dominate Canadian Screen Awards> (March 2, 2015 - Toronto, ON) The third annual Canadian Screen Awards wrapped last night at one of the glitziest venues in the country, the large and lavish Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts. It was a packed house and it contained a who's who of the Canadian film and television industries. In the media room as the pre-broadcast awards were being handed out it soon became apparent that the feature film Mommy, and the TV series Orphan Black would capture most of the awards and it was a foregone conclusion before the gala broadcast began that by the end of the night those two titles would win their categories.Arrow
<Big News from Grand Rock> Now Playing:

A new comedy, Big News From Grand Rock is now playing. It stars Ennis Esmer as Leonard Crane, the editor of the Grand Rock Weekly Ledger, a struggling paper facing bankruptcy in a small no-news town. Searching relentlessly for the killer story to bring back readers, he finds it, not in the real world, but in old movies in a video rental store. The plan pays off as one fabricated story after another brings excitement and readers back to the paper. Costars include Gordon Pinsent, Art Hindle, Peter Keleghan and Kristen Booth. Arrow

<After the Ball> Now Playing:
Director Sean Garrity returns to the big screen with After The Ball. Portia Doubleday plays Kate, whose dream is to design for couturier houses. Although she's brimming with talent, no one wants to hire her because her father markets bargain price knock offs "inspired" by the designers Kate would like to work for. Instead, Kate joins the family business, which includes her underhanded stepmother (Lauren Holly) and two equally duplicitous stepsisters. Is the plot sound vaguely familiar? Does Cinderella come to mind? It is meant to.Arrow

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