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John And The Missus

100 minutes – Drama
Release date: December 10, 1986
US Release date: October 23, 1987
Canadian distributor:
Set against the rugged beauty Newfoundland’s coastal landscape, John And The Missus is a romantic drama which unfolds during the early 1960s when the fate of an isolated mining community could be determined by the Government’s resettlement program. The Munn family, John, the Missus and their son, Matt, are legends in their town of Cup Cove. Not only are they the descendants of the town’s founders but they are among the most enthusiastic boosters Cup Cove`s traditional way of life. A cave-in at the mine gives the government’s representative the opportunity to close the mine permanently. The resulting crisis tests not only the deep love John and the Missus have for each other and their family, but also threatens the existence of the town itself. When the government comes to close down the pit – and by extension the town – John resists. When resistance proves futile, he literally uproots his house and sails away. John and the Missus won Genie Awards for Gordon Pinsent as best Actor and for composer Michael Conway Baker’s score.

The above still from John And The Missus was scanned from an original in the Northernstars Collection.

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