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Lie With Me

92 minutes
Release date: November 25, 2005
Canadian distributor: THINKFilm
Lie with Me is based on the groundbreaking and critically acclaimed novel of the same name by Tamara Faith Berger. The story centres on Leila, a young woman who is sexually voracious and who prefers to connect with men through brief physical encounters. One night at a crowded house party she meets David and it`s lust at first sight. Seduction is easy and very satisfying. Leila and David get to know each other, which means being intimate, in bed, at the park, on the roof, just about anywhere. But Leila starts to realize that her attachment to David is different from anything she`s experienced before, and David is just as serious about her. For the first time, they experience needs and desires that go beyond the physical. Despite the great sex, they seem to need, and maybe want, an emotional connection. David’s father (Don Francks) dies after a long illness and he turns to his ex-girlfriend, played by Polly Shannon, for support. Leila, meanwhile, is distracted by the looming divorce of her parents, played by Kate Lynch and Ron White. And so Leila and David find themselves trapped between two worlds. The first offers anonymous sex, or sex without context, but that seems to be losing its appeal. Or, there is the conventional world of commitment which doesn’t seem to hold the same promise for them that it does for others. And so they set out to find a new life together.

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