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7 minutes – Drama
Phil and Jay share more than a family bond – failed careers, failed relationships, bottomless drinks, and a debilitating memory of a shocking encounter in a ravine one childhood day. The pretext of being strangers, the darkly comic ritual that the broken, non-functioning brothers perform in an attempt to get at their pain, can’t cover the palpable connection between them, nor their deeply felt desire to find redemption. Cutting between live action performed by an award-winning cast and ingenuous animation whose simplicity belies the impact of the incident it reveals, Pavane portrays both the loss of innocence and a subtle hint at the boys’ fragile potential for a new beginning. The screenplay was adapted by Paul Quarrington from his novel, The Ravine. The title is from the composition “Pavane pour une infante defunte” by Maurice Ravel which was recorded by Glenda Del Monte Escalante for this production.

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