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Porcupine Lake

85 minutes – Drama Festival release date: September 2017 (TIFF) Release date: February 23, 2018 (Toronto) Production company: pUNK Films Inc. Distributor: Films We Like
During a hot and hazy summertime in northern Ontario, 13-year-old Bea (Charlotte Salisbury) wants a best friend more than anything else, but when she meets boisterous Kate (Lucinda Armstrong Hall), she gets more than she imagined in this ultimate teen girl’s coming-of-age tale. Prone to fainting spells, and dripping with naiveté, Bea’s life changes when she meets Kate, boisterous, brash and eager to be Bea’s new best friend, and maybe more. Meanwhile, Bea’s protective parents Ally and Scotty struggle to maintain their own strained relationship while trying to figure out how to raise a burgeoning teen. Childlike Bea suddenly realizes that she’s facing adulthood, as well as the hard truth that all summers must end. Porcupine Lake was filmed in Port Severn, Barrie and Parry Sound, Ontario. The cast is listed in order of appearance.
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