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Bon Cop, Bad Cop (2006)

<Bon Cop, Bad Cop>
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The differences, real and imagined, between Québec and Ontario are legendary. It extends from things like seemingly ingrained inferiority/superiority complexes to a decades old rivalry between hockey teams. It shouldn't be a big surprise that hockey plays its own role in this movie. The basic story is that two very different cops are thrown together to solve a series of murders of key figures in a professional hockey league after a body shows up on the Quebec-Ontario border. Actually on the sign that marks the border between the two provinces. In what is being touted as the first bilingual film in Canadian cinema history, Bon Cop Bad Cop co-stars Patrick Huard in the role of David Boucher and Colm Feore as Martin Ward. They both may be officers of the law but there all similarities end. In fact, the two men couldn't be more different and the relationship between the characters is best described as dysfunctional. The movie itself is being called an action comedy.

116 minutes - Action/Comedy
Release date: August 18, 2006
Canadian Distributor: Alliance Atlantis Vivafilm
Trailer for Bon Cop Bad Cop
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Patrick Huard
Colm Feore
Pierre Lebeau
Lucie Laurier
Sylvain Marcel
Nanette Workman
Rick Mercer
Gilles Renaud
Patrice Bélanger
Erik Knudsen
Hugolin Chevrette-Landesque
Louis-José Houde
Richard Howland
André Robitaille
Jayne Heitmeyer
Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse
Robert Montcalm
Sharlene Royer
Tim Wheaton
Gilles Renaud
Nicolas Canuel
Sarain Boylan
Manon Brunelle

Kevin Tierney
Francois Flammand
Patrick Huard
Érik Canuel
Leila Basen
Alex Epstein
Bruce Chun
Jean-François Bergeron
Michel Corriveau

David Bouchard
Martin Ward
Capt. Le Boeuf
Luc Therrien
Ballet teacher
Tom Berry
Fred Grossbut
Tattoo Killer
Johnathan Ward
Harry Buttman
Benoit Brisset
Miss Robinson
Montreal Mascot
Security Guard
Fred Grossbut
Radio announcer
Iris Ward

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