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The Tracey Fragments (2007)

80 minutes
Release date (Canada): November 2, 2007
Release date (U.S.): May 9, 2008
DVD release date: July 8, 2008
Canadian Distributor: THINKFilm

The Tracey Fragments is based on the 1998 novel of the same name by Maureen Medved who also wrote the screenplay. The story centres on Tracey Berkowitz, who is 15-years old, and like a lot of girls that age she might be normal, whatever that means, but she also hates herself. Most of the action takes place on a city bus as it moves aimlessly through the night. Tracey is clearly traumatized and sits in the back of the bus, naked except for a torn shower curtain, looking for her brother, Sonny, who has gone missing. He also thinks he’s a dog. Shot in just 14 days in and around Hamilton and Brantford, Ontario, some interior scenes were shot at Wallace Studios in Toronto.

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