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Canadian Film Fest Extends Deadline
By Staff
;Canadian Film Fest extends deadline;
(January 2, 2014 – Toronto, Ontario) The holidays illustrate many things about many people. For the purpose of this short piece we believe the holidays show us who is a serious shopper and who is a terrific procrastinator. The serious shopper starts planning and buying for Christmas during the January Sales, which are on now. The procrastinator waits for the best price deals that abound on the day before Christmas. Both get the deal, one doesn’t get the panic. Recognizing that the holidays bring a special kind of pressure the good people at the Canadian Film Fest have decided to extend their entry deadline, which originally was New Year`s Eve.
That`s the good news for procrastinators. Missing the deadline is no longer an excuse. The not-so-good news is that the deadline is just days away. The one week extension moves the deadline from the last day of 2013 to the end of the first week of 2014. That is, January 7. FIve days from now.

Here are the basics:

Films must be Canadian productions. Premieres and films completed within the last two years are preferred. Both shorts and features can be submitted, shorts must not run more than 50 minutes. If your film is chosen by the programmers and selection committee you will be notified via email approximately four weeks before the Festival.

There is much more and you can download the entry form here.

The Canadian Film Fest is dedicated solely to the advancement of Canadian film and provides filmmakers with showcasing and networking opportunities while giving the general public a chance to see homegrown productions. Held annually in downtown Toronto theatre locations, the Festival includes opening and closing galas, parties, meet-and-greet sessions and other networking opportunities. This year`s festival is scheduled to run from March 20th to the 23rd.

Good luck. And Happy New Year.