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Kennedy Saga on CBC
By Staff

(May 27, 2014 – Toronto, Ontario) The fascination with the Kennedy clan goes on and on and on. From the seemingly endless assassination conspiracy theorists to the life and times of the beautiful Jackie O., to the latest news of Caroline Kennedy being named US Ambassador to Japan, Americans, Canadians, and much of the world, eagerly await every tidbit of news that has the name Kennedy attached to it.

Now comes a new film from veteran French filmmaker Patrick Jeudy. Using often breathtaking colour home movies he weaves a unique and almost loving memoir… but with an edge. The Kennedy Saga is told from the point of view of the nannies who cared for the privileged Kennedy children. Burdened with their parents’ legacy and the expectations that came with bearing the Kennedy name, the children also witnessed the assassination of both President John F. Kennedy, and just a few years later, his brother Bobby.

As the years passed, they came to know all the intoxication of the rich-kid lifestyle, but they also learned of the infidelities of their elders, of all the President`s secret love affairs, and of the threats that hung over their family.

Patrick Jeudy, whose previous credits include Marilyn: The Last Sessions and Grace Kelly: Destiny of a Princess, is known for going behind the facades of giants to portray intimate and private troubles. The voice in The Kennedy Saga, carefully scripted by Jeudy collaborator Gerard Miller, is a composite-nanny-character based on domestic staff who recalled the family in their memoirs. The film looks into every corner of the Kennedys’ privileged childhoods and shattered destinies and, through both official footage and intimate home movies, reveals the complex personalities of the Kennedy clan. The Kennedy Saga is a family portrait which may be nostalgic – but pulls no punches.

The Kennedy Sagawill air on CBC News Network this Sunday, June 1st at 10PM Eastern.