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Feature Animation at Niagara Film Fest
By Staff

;Ribbit, production still;
(June 18, 2014 – Niagara, Ontario) The World Premiere of a new animated feature is set for this Saturday at Ontario`s Niagara Integrated Film Festival. Ribbit, as it is titled, is a bit of a children`s story but this colourful tale of an Amazonian frog who somehow doesn’t feel at home in the rain forest carries a message for all ages.

Ribbit features the voices of some of the best and most well-known actors in the world. You may not recognize him but that`s Lord Of The Rings’ Sean Astin as the rain forest frog Ribbit in the picture above. Standing next to him is Deepak, a vampire bat voiced by Canada’s most famous comedian, Russell Peters. Then there`s a toucan named Terrence voiced by British actor Tim Curry.

Ribbit is the ultimate misfit – a frog who hates water, and who has absorbed notions of the human world that suggests he was meant for something bigger than catching flies. Through a comical mishap, Ribbit is hypnotized into thinking he’s a human prince trapped in an amphibian body. Thus begins his perilous pilgrimage, accompanied by his best friend, a squirrel named Sandy (Cherami Leigh), and marked by encounters with Terrence and the deceptively-smooth-talking vampire-bat-with-an-agenda.

Awash in the colours of the South American rain forest, Ribbit is the feature film debut of writer/director Chuck Powers, a veteran American voice actor who stepped behind the camera in Asia to become a creative force behind many iconic anime franchises, including Yu-Gi-Oh!, Digimon and One Piece.

“Ribbit’s story is universal,” said Powers. ” He has an identity crisis and a quest to find a meaning in life. And the Amazon provides an incredible backdrop for this amazing adventure. The audience has a front-row seat to Ribbit’s incredible world.” Chuck Powers will be in attendance for the World Premiere screening at the Landmark Cinema in St Catharines.

Produced by Malaysia’s Kru Studios and Crest Animation Studios, Ribbit was written and directed by Chuck Powers, vice president of animation for the Kru Group. A founding partner of Creative Fuzion Entertainment, Powers was instrumental in the creation, writing, directing and development of numerous shows that have been seen on Disney, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, and Discovery among others.

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