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Ed Gass-Donnelly Tapped for Pivot


Ed Gass-Donnelly Tapped for Pivot
By Staff

(August 28, 2014 – Los Angeles, California) Lotus Entertainment has announced that Canadian director Ed Gass-Donnelly will write and direct a new sci-fi thriller titled Pivot. The essential story, which may change as work actually begins on its development, explores the story of a scientist who, following the death of his wife, invents a device to pivot between parallel universes to save her life. However, to be able to be with her, he’ll have to kill the parallel version of himself. Lotus Entertainment`s Jim Seibel and Bill Johnson will produce the film, with D.J. Gugenheim and Ara Keshishian, also of Lotus, Executive producing alongside Ed Gass-Donnelly.

Donnelly is known for his hands-on method of filmmaking. He often serves as director, producer, writer, and editor. He made his feature debut with This Beautiful City at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2007, and was nominated for four Canadian Academy Awards. His sophomore debut, Small Town Murder Songs, premiered at the ;Small Town Murder Songs, poster;2010 Toronto International Film Festival, which also landed him a spot on Variety’s coveted “10 Directors to Watch” list in 2011.

“A high-quality concept like Pivot is exactly the type of project we were looking for,” said Lotus Entertainment’s Bill Johnson and Jim Seibel. “Ed has the perfect approach to bring Pivot to life and we are eager to embark on our journey.”

Lotus Entertainment is an international sales, production and financing company. Their current slate includes: Tom Tykwer’s A HOLOGRAM FOR THE KING starring Tom Hanks; KIDNAP starring Academy Award® winner Halle Berry; Scott Hicks’ FALLEN based on the best-selling novel, YAl; Henry Hobson’s MAGGIE with Arnold Schwarzenegger; Craig Zobel’s Z FOR ZACHARIAH with Chiwetel Ejiofor and Chris Pine; Stephen Gaghan’s CANDY STORE; and SONG ONE starring Anne Hathaway.

ICM and Jennifer Levine at Untitled represent Ed Gass-Donnelly and brokered the deal. No start date for Pivot has been announced.