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Crowdfunding Milestone in Canada

;Indiegogo Crowdfunding Milestone in Canada;
(December 7, 2014 – Toronto, ON) The crowdfunding platform Indiegogo is marking a record-breaking year in Canada. It has, over the past 12 months and across all kinds of industries, further established itself as the leading destination for those looking to the community to fund their projects. From the Core wireless speaker, which became the most funded campaign of all time in Canada, to the 1,144 individuals who came together to help a three-year-old check off another item from their bucket list, to an admirable list of films that helped Canadian filmmakers launch their dreams, millions of dollars changed hands in support of Canadian projects via Indiegogo.

“2014 has been a whirlwind year for Indiegogo in Canada, with dozens of highlights to celebrate,” said Slava Rubin, CEO, Indiegogo. “We feel incredibly lucky to work with so many inspiring, talented individuals. It’s a thrill to watch communities come together in support of each other’s projects, effectively driving change via Indiegogo.”

While we join with others in applauding Indiegogo for all of the projects they have, thanks to the generous wallets of thousands of Canadians, our focus is on Canadian film, and it`s safe to say Indiegogo has played a major role in helping get a lot of films started or finished.

Some examples: It was announced at Toronto’s Hot Docs festival in earlier this year that Indiegogo’s partnership with the Documentary Organization of Canada (DOC), almost $50,000 was raised in support of Driving with Selvi, a documentary about a former child bride who becomes South India’s first female taxi driver.

Filmmaker Attiya Khan and Executive Producer Sarah Polley surpassed their campaign goal of $75,000 for the film A Better Man, a documentary with a call to action to end violence against women.

At the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) this year, Indiegogo announced a partnership with Canadian Film ;Sex After Kids, movieposter;Centre (CFC), further adding to the long list of filmmakers choosing the crowdfunding platform. Ann Marie Fleming and Sandra Oh selected the platform to raise funds for Window Horses, an animated film about a young girl of Chinese and Persian decent who learns to embrace her cultural identity through the art of poetry.

The original Pink Power Ranger Amy Jo Johnson busked in her pink bodysuit at Yonge and Dundas square as a perk for surpassing her campaign goal and raising $133,990 for her first feature film, The Space Between.

Having received seven Canadian comedy award nominations for their first crowdfunded film, Sex After Kids, Jeremy Lalonde and his Toronto team returned to Indiegogo this year to raise $122,975 for their film How to Plan An Orgy In A Small Town.

The scope of Indiegogo is unlimited, or more accurately, is only limited by the dreams, desires, imaginations and drive to succeed by the people who turn to the online resource to get the word out about what matters to them. A quick look at their constantly changing home page as this article was being prepared saw fund-raising initiatives for a film, two different new technological developments and a solar power cooperative in Saskatchewan. This really is living up to the old expression, “if you can think it, you can do it.”

Congrats to Indiegogo and to all of the people around the world that have helped dreams come true.