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Bruce McColluch: Young Drunk Punk


Bruce McColluch: Young Drunk Punk

;Young runk Punk on CITY-TV;
(January 20, 2015 – Toronto, ON) Normally we would have alerted our legal eagles about a headline suggesting the great Canadian comic Bruce McCulloch was young or a drunk or a punk. But we feel fairly safe in using the headline because he`s the man behind a new TV series that is titled just that: Young Drunk Punk and it makes its debut across Canada on the CITY-TV stations tomorrow night.

Known primarily for the out there Kids in the Hall, McCulloch returns to the small screen with this new 13-episode scripted comedy series that is shot in Calgary, Alberta.

The series tells the tale of two teen rebels on the fringes of society, which in this case is the suburbs of Calgary, circa 1980. Set to a soundtrack that includes Pointed Sticks, The Buzzcocks, The Demics and The Diodes, Ian McKay, played by relative newcomer Tim Carlson, and his best friend Shinky (Atticus Mitchell) are searching for ways to grow up without selling out.

In those lost years between high school and “what’s next,” they fight against conformity all the while dodging parents, cowboys, oilmen and responsibility. “You don’t even know. There`s so much happening in the world, you don’t even understand. Mom, I won’t live in your microwave oven world anymore!” is a typical line from Ian. His mom is played by Tracy Ryan and his dad is played by none other than series creator, Bruce McCulloch.

Ian can also be heard saying things like, “Remember, the world isn’t run by people who were popular in high school… so our future must be very bright indeed.” His best friend is Archibald Shinky, usually referred to as just Shinky. The character is played by Atticus Mitchell who recently showed up in a few episodes of the critically acclaimed series Fargo, which was shot in Canada but is best known for his role as Benny Weir in the series My Babysitter`s a Vampire.

Young Drunk Punk is produced for television by Accent Entertainment and SEVEN24 Films. Accent Entertainment is one of Canada`s leading independent producers of original film and television programming whose most recent credits include Sarah Polley`s Take this Waltz and the CBC hit limited series Death Comes To Town written by and starring The Kids In the Hall. SEVEN24 has the unique distinction of producing Heartland, the longest-running one-hour drama in the history of Canadian television.

Young Drunk Punk makes its debut across Canada on the CITY-TV stations January 21, 2015.