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388 Arletta Avenue


86 minutes – Drama
Release date: June 15, 2012
Canadian Distributor: eOne Films

The setting is an average, mid-sized house in a nice middle-class neighbourhood in Toronto, Ontario. James Deakins is a rising star in the crazy world of advertising. His wife, Amy is a beautiful and intelligent woman going for her Ph.D. Most would believe they are a typical married couple but, like all couples at one time or another, certain tensions exist. Whoever is watching them seems to have decided to manipulate those tensions. Odd things start happening: an radio alarm goes off too early, a mixed CD appears in their locked car with music neither one likes. Individually, each mishap is manageable, but together, they create mistrust that turns to tension. But when Amy goes missing following a trivial domestic quarrel, and James assumes this is her idea of payback, things begin to get even stranger. Suspecting people from his past, he fixates on an old acquaintance named Bill. An awkward confrontation does nothing to reassure him, and James now believes Amy is in grave danger. The unexplained incidences become bolder, even macabre. Dread mixes with bewilderment, as James make his move to save Amy, asking the only question he can. “Why?”

388 Arletta Avenue was filmed quietly in a house in Toronto shortly before Christmas, 2010.
Image and poster courtesy of eOne Films

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Steve Hoban
Mark Smith

Executive Producer:

Vincenzo Natali

Line Producer:

Derek Rappaport


Randall Cole


Randall Cole


Gavin Smith


Kathy Weinkauf

Cast: Roles:

Nick Stahl
Mia Kirshner
Devon Sawa
Krista Bridges
Aaron Abrams
Charlotte Sullivan
Kyle Labine
David Reale
Martin Roach
Graham Abbey
Daniel Levesque
Gerry Dee

James Deakin
Amy Walker
Co-Worker #1
Co-Worker #2
Officer #1
Officer #2