The 9th Life of Louis Drax


108 minutes – Thriller
Language: English
Release date: September 2, 2016
Canadian distributor: Entertainment One

Based on the novel by Liz Jensen, the story of The Ninth Life of Louis Drax centers on the boy in the title. It is his ninth birthday and Louis Drax’s (Aiden Longworth)mother (Sarah Gadon) plans a picnic for the family at Land’s End, a cliff on the sea shore. When the boy falls off the cliff and drowns, he’s clinically dead for two hours. Miraculously, he comes back to life, though he’s in a coma. Dr. Pascal (Jamie Dornan), an acclaimed neurologist, is drawn into the mystery of the young boy, who has survived eight near-death accidents in his life. When media reports are released saying the boy was pushed, fingers point towards his father (Aaron Paul), who’s believed to have a violent temper. Worried when the boy doesn’t come out of the coma, Dr. Pascal wonders if he’s waiting until he feels safe. With the help of a colleague (Oliver Platt) he uses scientific methods to connect his brain to Louis’ to find out the truth, and witnesses strange sights.

The Ninth Life of Louis Drax is a UK-Canada-US co-production
Trailer and poster courtesy of Entertainment One



Alexandre Aja
Tim Bricknell
Max Minghella
Shawn Williamson

Executive Producer:

Zanne Devine
Rosanne Korenberg

Associate Producer:

Kellye Carnahan
Clare Maclean
Justine Raczkiewicz


Alexandre Aja


Max Minghella


Maxime Alexandre




Patrick Watson

Production Designer:

Rachel O’Toole

Art Director:

Nigel Evans

Costume Designer:

Carla Hetland

Cast: Roles:

Aiden Longworth
Sarah Gadon
Michael Adamthwaite
Beckham Skodje
Adam Abrams
Aaron Paul
Barbara Hershey
Molly Parker
Terry Chen
Randi Lynne
John Hainsworth
Julian Wadham
Goldie Hoffman
Jamie Dornan
Nels Lennarson
Anjali Jay
Oliver Platt
Lina Roessler
Luke Camilleri

Louis Drax
C-Section Doctor
Louis (Age 2)
X-Ray Doctor
Peter Drax / Sea Monster
Violet Drax
ER Nurse
ER Patient
Dr. Janek
ER Nurse
Dr. Allan Pascal
Morgue Technician
Dr. Perez