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A Winter Tan


91 minutes – Drama
Language: English
Festival release date: 1988 (New York Film Festival)

This articulate and passionate film is a first-person account of Maryse Holder, a self-destructive woman who looks for romance and freedom in Mexico, but finds mostly just sex. As she accumulates an astonishing list of conquests, she chronicles each experience and emotion in a series of explicit letters to her best friend Edith. Emotions run deeper when Maryse meets Miguel, but she withdraws from both his affections and her own sanity. Produced and directed collectively, this picture about one woman living on the edge smashes through the rules of conventional filmmaking to characterize a tragic figure (slut and saint simultaneously) with a sense of humour aciduous enough to eat through steel.
The Essential Guide to Canadian Film

A Winter Tan was the only Canadian film to screen at the 1988 New York Film Festival. The image above was scanned from an original German press kit in the Northernstars Collection. The poster for A Winter Tan was scanned from an original in the Northernstars Collection

A Winter Tan, movie, poster,



Louise Clark
Jackie Burroughs

Associate Producer:

Ducle Kuri


Louise Clark
Aerlyn Weissman
Jackie Burroughs
John Frizzle
John Walker


Jackie Burroughs


John Walker


Alan Lee
Susan Martin (Supervising Editor)


Alan Lee
Ahmed Hassan
John Lang

Cast: Roles:

Jackie Burroughs
Diane D’Aquila
Anita Olanick
Javier Torres
Ernando Gonzalez

Maryse Holder

Miguel Novaro