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A Double Air Farce Celebration this New Year’s

A Double Air Farce Celebration this New Year’s

(December 19, 2017 – Toronto, ON) – Important dates always seem more important when the years end in zero or five. So it is this year when the Air Farce comedy troupe celebrates its 25th anniversary broadcast of its New Year’s special.

For 2017 the Air Farce, including its newest member, Lisa Gilroy (pictured), sets its satiric sights on Kim Jong-un, Vladimir Putin, Donald J. Trump, Justin Trudeau, Finance Minister Bill Morneau, Canada’s new party leaders Andrew Scheer and Jagmeet Singh, Sears, Tim Hortons and CIBC. Special segments within the show include skits where Wonder Woman battles America’s biggest threat – President Donald J. Trump, Quebec’s anti-burka law gets a well-deserved jab, and The Handmaid’s Tale gets a musical treatment with Taylor Swift. Capping off the special is the infamous F-BOMB – its mission is simple, to eradicate 2017’s most worthy targets, as suggested online by Air Farce viewers. An annual tradition, the year’s five most irritating targets get the richly deserved Farce Bomb filled with monstrously messy guck dropped from 50 feet above.

Over the years, the Air Farce has featured nearly 200 illustrious guests and this year is no different as very special guests David Suzuki and Lloyd Robertson make return appearances while Canadian figure skating champion Kurt Browning finds himself on thin ice with an unlikely skating partner in his first Air Farce flight.

The 25th Air Farce New Year’s Eve Celebration stars founding troupe members Don Ferguson and Luba Goy, and veterans Jessica Holmes (The Holmes Show, The Itch), Craig Lauzon (Fool Canada, The Ron James Show), and Darryl Hinds (My Babysitter’s a Vampire, Little Mosque on the Prairie). Recent recruits include Chris Wilson (The Beaverton, What Would Sal Do, Meet the Family), Isabel Kanaan (Haunted or Hoax).

The 25th Air Farce New Year’s Eve Celebration is written by Kevin Wallis, Wayne Testori, Carly Heffernan and Rob Lindsay. Contributing writers are Chris Wilson and Sam Mullins. The special is directed by Rob Lindsay and Wayne Moss and is produced by Don Ferguson Productions (DFP) in association with CBC. Executive Producer is Don Ferguson. Senior Producer is Lucy Stewart. Producers are Rob Lindsay, Mark Selby, Wayne Testori, and Kevin Wallis.

The 25th Air Farce New Year’s Eve Celebration kicks off on Sunday, December 31 at 8 p.m. (8:30 NT) on CBC with an encore broadcast later the same night at 12:05 a.m. (12:35 NT).

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