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Daniela Akerblom


B: December 3, in Montréal, Québec

Daniela Akerblom was born and grew up in Montréal and gravitated toward the theatre because of her mother`s interest in acting with the German Theatre of Montreal. She made her stage debut at age 7. Working as an extra on the TV series, Lance et compte, director Jean-Claude Lord asked if she would be interested in an ongoing role and her career was born. Akerblom studied Communications at Montreal’s Concordia University and originally wanted to work behind the scenes. She is equally at home on the stage, television or on film, playing roles in English, French or German.

Features & TV Movies:
VR indicates Direct-to-Video Release

Vengeance: Sword of Gideon (TV-1986)
Cruising Bar (1989)

Unforgettable Romance (19??)
Vanished (TV-1995)
Snowboard Academy (1996)
Kayla (1997)
An America Affair (1997)
Babel (1998)

Saint Jude (2000)
Le goût des jeunes filles (2004)
Choice: The Henry Morgentaler Story (TV-2005)

Radius (2017)

TV Series – Cast:
Lance et compte (1986)
Le destin du docteur Calvet (1992)
Omertà II: La loi du silence (1997, mini-series)

TV Series – Guest appearances:
The Exile (1991)
L’amour avec un grand A (1995)
Lobby (1997)

The Hunger (2000)

Mirador (2010)
19-2 (2015)