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Alex Caulfield is an award-winning non-binary director and writer with a background as a creative producer. An alum of the National Screen Institute, the Whistler Film Festival Talent Labs, they were awarded a Creator Mentorship from the Geena Davis Institute. They were also one of eight participants selected for the Women in the Director’s Chair Story and Leadership program with What Comes Next. Embracing a passion for “telling stories that make people feel less alone,” Alex is known for their work on character-driven films portraying complex female and non-binary protagonists. They are deeply committed to supporting queer, trans and gender non-conforming people, autistic people and those dealing with mental illnesses by creating greater onscreen representations and providing professional mentorship opportunities. We list their credits as a Director first.

NOTE: As the film What Comes Next had just started filimg in and around Vancouver in September 2023, our page for that film is incomplete, but will be updated as we received more information.