All Hat


89 minutes – Comedy-Drama
Language: English
Release date: January 18, 2008
Canadian distributor: Alliance Films

Ray Dokes (played by Luke Kirby) returns to his hometown after being in jail. Like all people who have been “away” for a time, he discovers the rural landscape he knew when he was much younger has changed. Himself a changed man, and determined to stay out of trouble, Dokes heads to the farm of his old friend Pete Culpepper (American actor, Keiher Carradine), a crusty Texas cowboy, who is a race horse trainer with a string of losses and debts that are growing faster than his corn. Sonny Stanton (Noam Jenkins), gambling addict and spoiled heir to a thoroughbred dynasty, is in the process of buying up an entire concession of farmland to build a casino and golfing resort. It seems the only one brave enough to stand in the way of Sonny is one Etta Parr who just happens to be Ray`s old flame. Etta might be willing to forgive Ray if it wasn’t for her pride and common sense. The situation is a minefield, one Ray is determined to avoid. He hooks up with Chrissie, a talented smartass jockey and tries to steer clear of trouble. But when a ten-million-dollar thoroughbred goes missing from the Stanton Stables, Sonny and his underlings push things too far to force the sale of the community`s remaining farms. Ray reacts by coming up with a plan to stop Sonny in his tracks and right a few wrongs in the process.

Trailer and poster courtesy of Alliance Films.

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Jennifer Jonas

Line Producer:

Avi Federgreen


Leonard Farlinger


Brad Smith


Paul Sarossy


Glenn Berman


Bill Frisell

Cast: Roles:

Luke Kirby
Keith Carradine
Noam Jenkins
Lisa Ray
Rachael Leigh Cook
Ernie Hudson
David Alpay
Joel S. Keller
Graham Greene
Gary Farmer
Stephen McHattie
Michelle Nolden
David Gardner
Tracy Wright
Lorne Brass
Michael Mahonen
Trent McMullen
Charlotte Laurier
Doug Murray
Brooke Johnson

Ray Dokes
Pete Culpepper
Sonny Stanton
Etta Parr
Jackson Jones
Paulie Stanton
Dean Calder
Jim Burns
Billy Caan
Earl Stanton
Gena Stanton
Homer Parr
Elizabeth Dokes
Dan Rockwell
Steve Allman
Lawyer #2