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B: December 1, 1926 in Grand-Mère, Québec
D: May 21, 2018 in North Bend, Washington

Allyn Ann McLerie was born in Grand-Mère, Québec and became a child performer in New York before she made her way to Broadway, costarring on stage when she was 21 with the legendary Ray Bolger in the play Where’s Charley? They reprised their roles when the play was turned into a movie released in 1952. She also had roles in the 1969 dance-marathon movie They Shoot Horses, Don’t They? and on television comedies like The Tony Randall Show, where she played the character of Miss Reubner, the caustically hilarious assistant to Mr. Randall’s Judge Franklin. She played Florence Bickford in 59 episodes of The Days and Nights of Molly Dodd. In all she collected almost 80 credits for her work on the big screen and television. Allyn McLerie died due to Alzheimer’s disease.

The film 40 Pounds of Trouble was directed by Norman Jewison.

Features & TV Movies:
VR indicates Direct-to-Video Release

Words and Music (1948)

Where’s Charley? (1952)
The Desert Song (1953)
Calamity Jane (1953)
Phantom of the Rue Morgue (1954)
Battle Cry (1955)

40 Pounds of Trouble (1962)
They Shoot Horses, Don’t They? (1969)
The Reivers (1969)

Monte Walsh (1970)
The Cowboys (1972)
Jeremiah Johnson (1972)
The Magnificent Seven Ride! (1972)
Howzer (1973)
The Way We Were (1973)
Cinderella Liberty (1973)
A Tree Grows in Brooklyn (TV-1974)
France Inc. (1974)
Born Innocent (TV-1974)
Someone I Touched (TV-1975)
Death Scream (TV-1975)
The Entertainer (TV-1975)
All the President’s Men (1976)
Sister Terri (TV-1978)
And Baby Makes Six (TV-1979)

The Oldest Living Graduate (TV-1980)
To Find My Son (TV-1980)
Fantasies (TV-1982)
Rascals and Robbers: The Secret Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn (TV-1982)
Living Proof: The Hank Williams, Jr. Story (TV-1983)
After George (TV-1983)
Two Kinds of Love (TV-1983)
Stranger in My Bed (TV-1987)

Police Academy: Mission to Moscow (1994)

TV Series – Cast:
The Tony Randall Show (1976-1978)

Beulah Land (1980, mini-series)
The Thorn Birds (1983, mini-series)
The Days and Nights of Molly Dodd (1987-1991)

TV Series – Guest appearances:

My World and Welcome to It (1970)
Bonanza (1970)
Cannon (1972)
James Garner (1972)
Ghost Story (1972)
Young Dr. Kildare (1972)
The Delphi Bureau (1973)
The Waltons (1973)
Love Story (1974)
Kodiak (1974)
Medical Center (1974, 1975)
Baretta (1975)
We’ll Get By (1975)
Medical Story (1975)
The Love Boat (1978, 1983)
Having Babies (1979)
Lou Grant (1979, 1980)
WKRP in Cincinnati (1979, 1980, 1981, 1982)

Barney Miller (1980)
Hart to Hart (1981)
Benson (1981)
Trapper John, M.D. (1981, 1983)
Dynasty (1982)
Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (1982)
The Renegades (1983)
Domestic Life (1984)
Knight Rider (1984)
St. Elsewhere (1984)
The Paper Chase (1984)
The Duck Factory (1984)
Punky Brewster (1984, 1985)
Mr. Belvedere (1986)
Webster (1986)
Simon & Simon (1986)
Comedy Factory (1986)
Dirty Dancing (1988)

The New WKRP in Cincinnati (1992)
Brooklyn Bridge (1993)

Claire Wilcox, actress,
This black & white poster image was scanned from an original Press Book for 40 Pounds of Trouble in the Northernstars Collection.