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115 minutes – Drama
Release date: June 5, 2014
Canadian Distributor: Mongrel Media

Aloft centres on Nana Kunning (Jennifer Connelly) whose life is quickly revealed to be anything but her own and she seems the pawn to the whims and desires of the men around her and to her two sons, particularly the older of the two, Ivan (Cillian Murphy). In a story that weaves past and present in seamless story lines, the film explores a past marred by an accident and a present that teeters on madness. Kunning will become a renowned artist and healer, and Ivan will grow into his own continuing his passion as a falconer. In the present, a young journalist (Mélanie Laurent) will bring about an encounter between the two that puts the very meaning of life and art into question. A Spain-Canada-France coproduction that was shot in rural Manitoba, the landscape and frozen locations, the drone-like music and languid camera style may remind you of several Ingmar Bergman explorations, with the starkness and white-outs often providing a dreamlike quality to the film from Peruvian director Claudia Llosa.

Photo and poster courtesy of Mongrel Media.



Jose María Morales
Ibon Cormenzana
Phyllis Laing

Executive Producer:

Mark Johnson
Miguel Morales
Jérôme Vidal

Associate Producer:

Marina Fuentes Arredonda
Ignacio Salazar-Simpson

Line Producer:

Rhonda Baker


Claudia Llosa


Claudia Llosa


Nicolas Bolduc


Guille De La Cal


Michael Brook

Production Designer:

Eugenio Caballero

Art Director:

Réjean Labrie

Costume Designer:

Heather Neale

Cast: Roles:

Jennifer Connelly
Zen McGrath
Cillian Murphy
Mélanie Laurent
William Shimell
Winta McGrath
Peter McRobbie
Ian Tracey
Mike Bell
Bobby Stahr
Darryl Hogg
Graham Ashmore
Tom Anniko
Susan Kelso
Ellen Gale
Erika Marxx
Janet Taylor
Pete Hudson
Sarah Constible
Benjamin Slugoski Walters
Andy Murray
Nancy Drake
Christopher Sigurdson
Oona Chaplin
Carson Nattrass

Nana Kunning
Ivan (age 10)
Ivan (age 31)
Jania Ressemore
Architect Newman
Ronald (Driver – Pick-Up)
Man in Wheelchair
Old Man (Camping Area)
Redheaded Man (Camping Area)
Man #1 (Camping Area)
Woman #1 (Camping Area)
Woman #2 (Camping Area)
Woman #3 (Camping Area)
Old Woman (Camping Area)
Man #3 (Camping Area)
Mother of Timothy
Lance (Large Truck Owner)
Woman In Lance’s Truck
Man In Lance’s Truck
Officer – Local Town