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Amazon Falls

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80 minutes – Drama
Release date: March 18, 2011
Canadian Distributor: Indiecan Entertainment

Amazon Falls tells the story of a faded B-movie actress named Jana who refuses to let go of her dream of being a star. Famous for her roles in Amazon movies where she portrayed a variety of pre-Xena warrior-princesses, she desperately tries to keep her leg in the B-movie game, and pursues her career with a zealous fervor. She is on the cusp of forty and it’s now or never. She will not be dispirited by her job at a sleazy nightclub nor the ceaseless grind of waiting for the big break. She creates the illusion that her big break is just around the corner and her friends and co-workers are supporting her in her dreams: Aron, her much younger 25-year old boy toy is in love with her; Li is a beautiful 22-year-old actress and Jana’s best friend and protégé who will follow in her glamorous footsteps; Derek, a film producer will be the one to give Jana the big break she yearns for. But the reality is she works in a nightclub run by Tommy, her sleazy boss who encourages flirtation with an array of oily characters including Calvin, a particularly shady character from Jana’s distant past who has resurfaced to tempt her down a dark path. Jana avoids facing the truth at all costs. Despite her best efforts to live clean and expand her skills, Jana is ultimately overcome by the burden of a dream in a business that would seem to punish more for virtue than for vice. Faced with perpetual futility and diminishing returns, when is it time to finally let the dream go?

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Katrin Bowen
Darren Reiter

Executive Producer:

Darren Reiter

Line Producer:

Robyn Wiener


Katrin Bowen


Curry Hitchborn
Katrin Bowen


Cliff Hokansen


Franco Pante


Step Carruthers

Production Designer:

Erik Whittaker

Art Director:

M. Renee Fulsom

Costume Designer:

Brodie Davison

Cast: Roles:

April Telek
Zak Santiago
Anna Mae Routledge
Gabrielle Rose
Benjamin Ratner
Matty Finochio
Tom Braidwood
Alexandra Staseson
William B. Davis
Drew Scott
J.D. Scott
Katrin Bowen
Lisa Marie Caruk
Gary Chalk
Sarah Doreen
Adrian Holmes

Margaret Deschamps
Derek Crayson
Tommy Leonard
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B Movie – Poster boy
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