An Insignificant Harvey


79 minutes – Drama
Release date: November 4, 2011
Canadian Distributor: Kinosmith

Harvey (Jordan Prentice) is all of three feet four inches tall. Now in his early twenties, he was abandoned as a child and grew up at a small orphanage several miles from where he now works, as a janitor at the WhiteFox Ski Resort. This evening like all other evenings, he walks to work with his old wood snowshoes and his head down. When he crosses paths with a stray husky, his world begins to change. She follows him and he reluctantly takes her in. The next day while buying her food he meets Dakota Dixon (Kristin Adams). A stripper at the bizarre Fox and Fur she offers to help him with the dog. Lucas Harold, Harvey’s only friend, whom he met while at the orphanage, convinces him to help build an amateur luge course. Over the next two weeks he and Dakota’s relationship grows. As though on cue Harvey’s world collapses around him when Inca his dog, gets hit by a snowmobile, Dakota gets together with another guy, he looses his job, and the heater in his trailer breaks. Unable to cope, Harvey runs back to the safety of the orphanage church. When Lucas finds him he tells him what he already knows, that if he stays at the church he will stay insignificant. The next day Harvey finds Dakota, who is leaving for New York to start a new job. They embrace and say goodbye, friends but not lovers. That afternoon Harvey and Lucas ride down the luge, Harvey laughs, happy.

Trailer and poster courtesy of Kinosmith

Poster for An Insignificant Harvey



Jeff Kopas
Daniel Zuccala

Executive Producer:

Don Carmody


Jeff Kopas


Jeff Kopas


Cabnot McNehly


Stuart A. McIntyre


Michael Berec

Cast: Roles:

Jordan Prentice
Kristin Adams
Steven McCarthy
Art Hindle
Inca Kopas
Phillip Williams
Eli Ham
Lee Rumohr
Ron Fountain
Karen Skidmore
Lana Davis
Jeanne Daniels
Larry Mosicki
Dennis Mirkovic
Julie Sype
Sunnie D’Souza
Amariah Faulkner
Edward Kennington
Alex Hanson
Milena Kulchenko
Mercedes Papalia
Paulina Devon
Caroline Becker
David Tompa
Bret Ryan
Anna Cyzon
Andy Cockburn
Sue Holland
Jackie McLachlan
Rob Potter
Rachel Gosselin
Michelle Plummer
Yaw Azzuam
Michaela Gosselin
Emma Gosselin
Lydia Quest
Greg Morton
Marc Den Bok
Zuh Versi

Harvey Lippe
Dakota Dixon
Lucas Harold
Father Asher
Paul Lalone
Jason Lalone
Adam Kane
The Vet
Candy, The Stripper
Cindy, News Reporter
Coon Hunt Director
Manager of Fox and Fur
Lindsay, Pet Store Employee
Pizza Guy
Spoiled Child at Rope Tow
Teenager One at Rope Tow
Teenager Two at Rope Tow
Little Girl at Rope Tow
Jessica, The Hot Tub Girl One
(voice of Jessica, The Hot Tub Girl)
Tiffany, The Hot Tub Girl Two
Restaurant Waiter
Luge Guy One
Luge Girl One
Luge guy two
Luge Partier
Luge Partier
Village townsperson
Village townsperson
Village townsperson
Village townsperson
Village townsperson
Village townsperson
Village townsperson
Fox and Fur Patron / Coon Hunting Party
Fox and Fur Patron / Coon Hunting Party
Fox and Fur Patron