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B: in Zagreb (in former Yugoslavia)

Damir Andrei arrived in Montréal with his family in 1963 at the age of eight. He spoke no English nor any French. Early in his life he decided to become an experimental filmmaker but dropped out of his alternative high school to backpack around Europe before auditioning for the National Theatre School. His motivation? At the time the prestigious school was under the guidance of Douglas Rain, who was the voice of HAL in the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey. Much to his own surprise he was accepted and became an actor. He pursued his post-graduate career in Toronto where he makes his home.

Features & TV Movies:
VR indicates Direct-to-Video Release

Happy Birthday to Me (1981)
Visiting Hours (1982)
Sonatine (1984)
Opéra zéro (voice, 1984)
Shellgame (TV-1985)
Murder in Space (TV-1985)
The Execution of Raymond Graham (TV-1985)
One Magic Christmas (1985)
Lucretia (1986)
A Deadly Business (TV-1986)
Killer Party (1986)
The Prodigious Mr. Hickey (TV-1987)
Ford: The Man and the Machine (TV-1987)
Looking for Nothing (TV-1988)
The King Chronicle, Part 2: The Great Beyond (1988)
The King Chronicle, Part 3: The Zombie Army (1988)
The Child Saver (TV-1988)
Dead Ringers (1988)
Friends, Lovers, & Lunatics (1989)
Passion and Paradise (TV-1989)

Defy Gravity (1990)
F/X2 (1991)
M. Butterfly (1993)
Soft Deceit (1994)
The Babymaker: The Dr. Cecil Jacobson Story (TV-1994)
Thicker Than Blood: The Larry McLinden Story (TV-1994)
And Then There Was One (TV-1994)
A Vow to Kill (TV-1995)
Almost Golden: The Jessica Savitch Story (TV-1995)
Visitors of the Night (TV-1995)
The Conspiracy of Fear (TV-1996)
We the Jury (TV-1996)
Peacekeepers (TV-1997)
What Happened to Bobby Earl? (TV-1997)
…First Do No Harm (TV-1997)
Hostile Intent (1997)
The Third Twin (TV-1997)
My Own Country (TV-1998)
Galileo: On the Shoulders of Giants (TV-1998)
Bad As I Wanna Be: The Dennis Rodman Story (TV-1998)
Total Recall 2070 (TV-1999)
Mind Prey (TV-1999)
Dangerous Evidence: The Lori Jackson Story (TV-1999)
The Hunt for the Unicorn Killer (TV-1999)
Ricky Nelson: Original Teen Idol (TV-1999)
Switching Goals (TV-1999)

The Miracle Worker (TV-2000)
The Caveman’s Valentine (2001)
Rollerball (2002)
Guilt by Association (TV-2002)
The Pentagon Papers (TV-2003)
A Different Loyalty (TV-2004)
Niagara Motel (2005)
Solar Strike (TV-2006)
Still Small Voices (TV-2007)
Talk to Me (2007)
Jumper (2008)
Nuretev (TV-2009)

Casino Jack (2010)

TV Series – Cast:
In Opposition (1989)

J.F.K.: Reckless Youth (1993, mini-series)
Degree of Guilt (1995, mini-series)

Lives of the Saints (2004, mini-series)
ZOS: Zone of Separation (2009, mini-series)

TV Series – Guest Appearances:
Seeing Things (1987)
Street Legal (1988, 1994)
Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1988)
The Twilight Zone (1989)

Katts and Dog (1990)
Counterstrike (1990)
E.N.G. (1993)
Road to Avonlea (1994)
Robocop (1994)
TekWar (1995)
PSI Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal (1995)
La Femme Nikita (1998)
Total Recall 2070 (1999)

Monk (2002)
Mutant X (2002)
Queer as Folk (2003, 2004)
Slings and Arrows (2003)
Mayday (voice, 2007, 2011)
The Border (2008)
Being Erica (2009)

Good Dog (2011)
XIII: The Series (2011)
Guidestones (2012)
Suits (2012)
Covert Affairs (2012, 2014)
Murdoch Mysteries (2013)
The Listener (2014)
The Strain (2014)

Damir Andrei is represented by:
Nancy LeFeaver
LeFeaver Talent Management
785 Carlaw Avenue – Suite 101
Toronto, Ontario M4K 3L1

Email: lefeavertalent(at)canadafilm.com

Dead Ringers, movie, poster,
This poster for Dead Ringers was scanned from an original in the Northernstars Collection