Angelique’s Isle


90 minutes – Drama, Thriller
Language: English
Release date: August 23, 2019 (Toronto – Carlton Cinemas)
Production company: Circle Blue Entertainment, Thunderstone Pictures, Freddie Films
Canadian Distributor: LevelFilm

Based on the novella, Angelique Abandoned by James R. Stevens, Angelique’s Isle is set during the Lake Superior Copper Rush of 1845. It retells the true story of Angelique Mott. Julia Jones plays the role of the 18-year-old Indigenous woman who, despite the warnings of her grandmother, Green Thunderbird (Tantoo Cardinal), sets out with her voyageur husband Charlie (Charlie Carrick) to search for copper ore with a Detroit business man named Cyrus Mendenhall (Aden Young) and his crew. They discover a large copper-filled boulder on Isle Royale in Lake Superior. Too heavy and too large to move, Charlie agrees to protect the claim while the Americans return home to raise money for the equipment they will need to move the boulder. However, summer fades and Angelique and Charlie have neither enough food or protective clothing to get them through a severe Northern Ontario winter. Angelique ultimately turns away from her Catholic upbringing and turns to the traditional teachings she received from her grandmother in order to survive.

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Amos Adetuyi
Dave Clement
Michelle Derosier
Floyd Kane

Executive Producer:

Rosalie Chilelli

Supervising Producer:

Elizabeth Guildford


Marie-Hélène Cousineau
Michelle Derosier


Michelle Derosier


Celiana Cárdenas


Wiebke von Carolsfeld


Darren Fung

Production Designer:

William Fleming

Costume Designer:

Adriana Fulop

Cast: Roles:

Julia Jones
Charlie Carrick
Aden Young
Stephen McHattie
Tantoo Cardinal
Brendt Thomas Diabo
Greg Tremblay
Dennis Dubinsky
Anthony Roch

Angelique Mott
Charlie Mott
Cyrus Mendenhall
Captain MacKay
Green Thunderbird
Rene Cadotte
Antoine Mott
Leonides Graham