Anne at 13,000 Ft


75 minutes – Drama
Language: English
Festival release date: September 9, 2019 (TIFF, Toronto)
Release date: February 19, 2021 (Toronto)
Production companies: Medium Density, Fibreboard Films
Canadian distributor:
U.S. distributor: The Cinema Guild

The Anne (Deragh Campbell) in Anne at 13,000 ft, works at a Toronto daycare with her best friend, the soon-to-be-married, Sarah (Dorothea Paas). Now 27, Anne seems happy and connects with the kids in her care, often more interested in fantasizing with them than in supervising them. But the cheerful self she displays in public is a mask behind which is a women who is dealing with anxiety and depression. This usually comes to the fore when she bickers with her fellow teachers, who pick on her for not following the district rules. For Sarah’s baccalaureate party, they go skydiving, and Anne seems completely in her element, floating above it all, a true departure from her strained, awkward professional and social interactions. Her apparent instability at work and in social settings disappears only when Anne is preparing for her next skydive, looking forward to the rush of adrenaline as she falls through the air high above the world becoming her true self, a woman at peace.

The Toronto Film Critics Association chose Anne at 13,000 Ft for 2021’s $100,000 Rogers Best Canadian Film Award.

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Daniel Montgomery
Kazik Radwanski

Executive Producer:

Nathan Silver
C. Mason Wells

Associate Producer:

Jalana Lewis


Kazik Radwanski


Kazik Radwanski


Nikolay Michaylov


Ajla Odobasic
Kalil Haddad (Assistant Editor)
Emma Tomas (Assistant Editor)

Cast: Roles:

Deragh Campbell
Dorothea Paas
Matt Johnson
Lawrene Denkers
Michael Kuthe
Joseph Simon