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Avi Federgreen began his career in the locations department then moved quickly into production management, line producing, post supervision, and producing. The founder of Federgreen Entertainment, in November 2011, Federgreen opened his own film distribution company, Indican Entertainment. After producing films for 25 years, Avi Federgreen marked his directorial debut with the short film Red Balloon. Unless otherwise indicated, we list his credits as a Producer first.

Features & TV Movies:
VR indicates Direct-to-Video Release

Heyday! (TV-2006)
All Hat (Line Producer, 2007)
Emotional Arithmetic (Associate Producer, 2007)
Slow as Possible (2008, documentary)
Pudge (2008, short)
One Week (Co-producer, 2008)
High Life (2009)
Leslie, My Name is Evil (Co-producer, 2009)
Hungry Hills (2009)

Score: A Hockey Musical (2010)
She Said Lenny (2010, short)
Bagged (2010, short)
Little Larry (Executive Producer, 2011, short)
I’m Yours (2011)
Moon Point (Executive Producer, 2011, short)
Hidden Driveway (Executive Producer, 2011, short)
The Ballad of Hugh (2012, documentary)
Still Mine (2012)
Dead Before Dawn 3D (Executive Producer, 2012)
Random Acts of Romance (Executive Producer, 2012)
30 Ghosts (Executive Producer, 2013, documentary)
Empire of Dirt (Executive Producer, 2013)
Sunday Punch (Executive Producer, 2013, short)
Purgatorium (Executive Producer, 2013, short)
Relative Happiness (Executive Producer, 2014)
The Cocksure Lads Movie (Executive Producer, 2014)
Porch Stories (Executive Producer, 2014)
Milk (Executive Producer, 2015, documentary)
How to Plan an Orgy in a Small Town (Executive Producer, 2015)
Owl River Runners (Executive Producer, 2015)
FSM (Executive Producer, 2015)
Basic Human Needs (Executive Producer, 2015)
Noon Gun (Executive Producer, 2015)
Prisoner X (2016)
Divorce Photographer (Executive Producer, 2016, short)
Bruno & Boots: Go Jump in the Pool (Line producer, TV-2016)
A Sunday Kind of Love (Executive Producer, 2016)
Gods Acre (Executive Producer, 2016, short)
Minutes Past Midnight (2016)
The Land of Rock and Gold (Executive Producer, 2016)
The Adventure Clun, (Executive Producer, 2017)
Kiss and Crry 2017)
Galaxy of Horrors (2017)
Magic Pills (Executive Producer, 2017, documentary)
On Putin’s Blacklist (Executive Producer, 2017, documentary)
Lifechanger (2018)
Man Running (2018)
Fugue (Executive Producer, 2018)
Circle of Steel (Executive Producer, 2018)
Elijah and the Rock Creature (Executive Producer, 2018)
Blood, Sweat and Terrors (2018)
Altered Skin (2018)
Best Mates (Executive Producer, 2018, short)
A Desperate Road (Executive Producer, 2018)
States (Executive Producer, 2019)
Things I Do for Money (2019)

Clapboard Jungle (Executive Producer, 2020, documentary)
I Do, or Die – A Killer Arrangement (TV-2020)
Avenged (2020)
For the Sake of Vicious (2020)
Activism 2.0: A Rising Tide (Executive Producer, 2020, short, documentary)
Red Balloon (2020, short)
Writing Kim (Consulting Producer, 2020)
Daughters (2020)
Woman in Car (Executive Producer, 2020)

TV Series:
It’s Me Gerald (2005)
Northern Town (Line Producer, 2006)
The Alter Boy Gang (Line Producer, 2007)
Rabbit Fall (Supervising Producer, 2007-2008)

Good Dog (2012)
Holly Hobbie (Line Producer, 2018)

Credits as a Director:
Red Balloon (2020, short)

Red Balloon, movie, poster,