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Canadian Film Awards,

Welcome to the Canadian Film Award archive.

This page contains information about the first Canadian Film Awards which ran for almost thirty years beginning in 1949. As part of this archive, we also have links to the The Genie Awards, Les Prix Jutra and the Canadian Screen Awards

Canadian Film Awards – Brief History:

The Canadian Film Awards (CFAs) began in 1949 and were, much like the Canadian film industry of the time, erratic at best. Through the 1950s and 1960s many awards were given to television productions or short industrial or “corporate” movies. The very first film honoured was only 11-minutes long. Some years no “Film of the Year” award was handed out. Perhaps not believing in our own ability to judge films, or hoping that outside judges would add some legitimacy, the films to be honoured were selected by an international jury. It wasn’t until 1963 that craft categories were acknowledged. The CFAs were not held in 1974 or 1979, the year they were transferred to the Academy of Canadian Cinema, which later became the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television.

The following list is incomplete. It does not include television citations and the various sponsored or amateur film awards. The Film of the Year and Feature Film Awards are followed by the name of the producer.

The John Grierson Award (1972–1980) was given for outstanding contributions to Canadian cinema, and the Wendy Mitchener Award (1972–1978) was for outstanding artistic achievement. The Golden Reel Award was established in 1977 by the Canadian Motion Picture Distributors Association to recognize the producer(s) of the Canadian feature that achieved the highest box-office gross in Canada. Beginning in 1980, the Golden Reel Award was presented at the Genie Awards; winners from 1977 to 1979 are included here.

The Canadian Film Awards are listed according to year they were presented.

Film of the Year: The Loon’s Necklace (Budge Crawley)
Documentary: The Feeling of Hostility; Drug Addict; Beans of Bounty
Theatrical Short: Who Will Teach Your Child?
Animated Short: Chantons noël
Special Awards: Dots & Loops; Un Homme et son péché

Theatrical Short: North Shore
Non-Theatrical Short: Family Circles
Special Awards: Begone Dull Care; Primitive Artists of Haiti; Quebec Production

Theatrical Short: After Prison What?
Non-Theatrical Short: Feelings of Depression
Special Awards: L. Érnest Ouimet; Spitzmarks the Spot; Family Tree; The Fight: Science against Cancer; Winter Angling in Comfort

Film of the Year: Newfoundland Scene (Budge Crawley)
Feature Film: Royal Journey (David Bairstow)
Theatrical Short: Opera School
Non-Theatrical Short: Newfoundland Scene
Special Award: Around Is Around; Now Is the Time

Film of the Year: Tit-coq (Gratien Gélinas)
Feature Film: Tit-coq (Gratien Gélinas)
Theatrical Short: L’Homme aux oiseaux
Non-Theatrical Short: Angotee: Story of an Eskimo Boy
Special Awards: Age of the Beaver; Neighbours; A Phantasy; Birds That Eat

Film of the Year: The Seasons (Christopher Chapman)
Theatrical Short: Farewell Oak Street
Non-Theatrical Short: The Seasons
Special Award: Gordon Sparling

Film of the Year: The Stratford Adventure (Guy Glover)
Feature Film: The Stratford Adventure (Guy Glover)
Non-Theatrical Short: Riches of the Earth
Special Award: Hye Bossin

Theatrical Short: Gold
Non-Theatrical Short: Colour of Life

Awards were presented to select individuals and organizations, not to films:

Special Awards: John Grierson; Yorkton Film Council; Associated Screen News; Crawley Films; Rev. Anson Moorehouse; Budge & Judith Crawley; Lew Perry; Roy Tash; Donald Mulholland; Harold Brown, E. Fred Holliday & James Pollock

Film of the Year: City of Gold (Tom Daly)
Theatrical Short: The Sceptre and the Mace
Arts and Experimental: A Chairy Tale; City of Gold; Legend of the Raven
General Information: Canadian Profile; Canadian Wheat
Special Award: Imperial Oil Ltd.

Theatrical Short: The Quest; Money Minters; The Tall Country
Gerneral Information: The Living Stone
Special Awards: CBC/Gerald Pratley for ‘The Movie Scene” & “Music from the Films”; Dean Walker

Theatrical Short: Royal River
Arts and Experimental: Les Bateaux de neige
Special Awards: Sir Arthur Chetwynd; Joseph Morin

Film of the Year: Universe (Tom Daly)
Theatrical Short: Universe
Arts and Experimental: Lines: Horizontal
General Information: Marsh Harvest
Special Award: Dr A.W. Trueman

Theatrical Short: Morning on the Lièvre
Gerneral Information: Circle of the Sun
Special Award: O.J. Silverstone

Film of the Year: Lonely Boy (Roman Kroitor)
Theatrical Short: Nahanni
Arts and Experimental: Jour après jour
General Information: Lonely Boy
Cinematography (colour): Donald Wilder, Nahanni
Cinematography (b+w): Guy Borremans, Jour après jour
Special Awards: Four-Line Conics; Dorothy and Oscar Burritt; Gaudy Delisle

Film of the Year: Pour la suite du monde (Jacques Bobet)
Feature Film: À tout prendre (Claude Jutra and Robert Hershorn)
Theatrical Short: Anniversary
General Information: Fields of Science
Cinematography (colour): Stan Brede, Brampton Builds a Car
Cinematography (b+w): John Spotton, The Hutterites
Special Award: Pour la suite du monde

Feature Film: The Luck of Ginger Coffey (Leon Roth)
Arts and Experimental: Canon; Le Monde va nous prendre pour des sauvages
General Information: Caroline; Some Are Sunfishers
Cinematography (colour): Francis Chapman and Christopher Chapman, Expedition Bluenose
Cinematography (b+w): Jean-Claude Labrecque, Mémoire en fête
Special Award: Sweet Substitute

Film of the Year: The Mills of the Gods: Viet Nam (Douglas Leiterman)
Feature Film: Le Festin des morts (André Belleau)
Arts and Experimental: Syrinx
General Information: Buster Keaton Rides Again
Direction: Ron Kelly, The Gift
Editing: Don Owen, High Steel
Cinematography (colour): Jean-Claude Labrecque, 60 Cycles
Cinematography (b+w): Georges Dufaux, Le Festin des morts
Special Award: Un Jeu si simple; Guy Roberge

Film of the Year: Warrendale (Allan King)
Feature Film: Warrendale (Allan King)
Arts and Experimental: Angel
General Information: Helicopter Canada; Notes for a Film about Donna and Gail
Direction: Ron Kelly, The Last Man in the World; Allan King, Warrendale
Editing: Jacques Godbout, Trois hommes au mille carré
Cinematography (colour): Gilles Gascon, Elément 3
Cinematography (b+w): Grahame Woods, The Last Man in the World
Special Award: Helicopter Canada

Film of the Year: A Place to Stand (Christopher Chapman)
Feature Film: The Ernie Game (Gordon Burwash)
Director: Don Owen, The Ernie Game
Screenplay: Phillip Hersch, Swing Low Sweet Chariot
Actor: Gerard Parkes, Isabel
Actress: Geneviève Bujold, Isabel
Cinematography (colour): Georges Dufaux, Isabel
Cinematography (b+w): Bernard Gosselin, Le Règne du jour
Non-Feature Cinematography: Denis Cillson, Waiting for Caroline
Editing: George Appleby, Isabel
Sound: Le Règne du jour
Sound Editing: A Place to Stand
Overall Sound: Do Not Fold, Staple, Spindle or Mutilate
Musical Score: Athabasca
Documentary (over 30m): Never a Backward Step
Short Documentary (under 30m): Avec tambours et trompettes
Short (over 30m): Do Not Fold, Staple, Spindle or Mutilate
Short (under 30m): Ça n’est pas les temps des romans
Special Award: Pas de deux

Film of the Year: The Best Damn Fiddler from Calabogie to Kalahari (Barrie Howells and John Kemeny)
Non-Feature Director: Peter Pearson, The Best Damn Fiddler from Calabogie to Kalahari
Non-Feature Screenplay: Joan Finnegan, The Best Damn Fiddler from Calabogie to Kalahari
Non-Feature Actor: Chris Wiggins, The Best Damn Fiddler from Calabogie to Kalahari
Non-Feature Actress: Jackie Burroughs, Dulcima 
Non-Feature Supporting Actor: Michael Posner, And No Birds Sing
Non-Feature Supporting Actress: Ruth Springford, Does Anyone Here Know Denny?
Non-Feature Cinematography (colour): Rao Grégoire, Là ou ailleurs
Non-Feature Cinematography (b+w): Tony Ianzelo, The Best Damn Fiddler from Calabogie to Kalahari
Non-Feature Editing: Michael McKennirey, The Best Damn Fiddler from Calabogie to Kalahari
Non-Feature Art Direction: The Best Damn Fiddler from Calabogie to Kalahari
Non-Feature Sound Editing: Good Times Bad Times
Non-Feature Overall Sound: Saul Alinsky Went to War; Les Canots de glace
Documentary (over 30m): Good Times Bad Times
Short Documentary (under 30m): Juggernaut
Animated Short: Walking
Short (over 30m): Vertige
Short (under 30m): At Home

Film of the Year: To See or Not to See (Robert Verrall and Wolf Koenig)
Feature Film: Goin’ Down the Road, (Don Shebib)
Director: Paul Almond, Act of the Heart
Non-Feature Director: Julian Biggs, A Little Fellow from Gambo: The Joey Smallwood Story
Screenplay: William Fruet, Goin’ Down the Road
Non-Feature Screenplay: Ian McNeill, Freud: The Hidden Nature of Man
Actor: Doug McGrath and Paul Bradley, Goin’ Down the Road
Non-Feature Actor: Joseph Smallwood, A Little Fellow from Gambo: The Joey Smallwood Story
Actress: Geneviève Bujold, Act of the Heart
Non-Feature Actress: Linda Goranson, The Spike in the Wall
Supporting Actor: Gratien Gélinas, Red
Supporting Actress: Fernande Giroux, Red
Cinematography: Bernard Chentrier, Red
Non-Feature Cinematography (colour): Bob Ennis, Multiplicity
Non-Feature Cinematography (b+w): Paul Leach, Mrs Case
Editing: Christopher Cordeaux, Prologue
Non-Feature Editing: Yves Langlois, 70-71
Art Direction: Act of the Heart
Musical Score: Act of the Heart
Non-Feature Musical Score: Fields of Space
Sound Editing: Act of the Heart
Non-Feature Sound Editing: Fields of Space
Overall Sound: Act of the Heart
Non-Feature Overall Sound: Activator One
Documentary (over 30m): Wild Africa
Short Documentary (under 30m): KW+
Animated Short: To See or Not to See
Arts and Experimental: Legend
Short (over 30m): A Matter of Fat
Short (under 30m): Blake
Special Awards: Sad Song of Yellow Skin; You Are on Indian Land; The Neon Palace
Wendy Mitchner Award: Jean Pierre Lefebvre

Feature Film: Mon oncle Antoine, (Marc Beaudet)
Director: Claude Jutra, Mon oncle Antoine
Non-Feature Director: Michael McKennirey, Atonement
Screenplay: Clémont Perron, Mon oncle Antoine
Non-Feature Screenplay: Don Arioli, Propaganda Message, Hot Stuff
Actor: Jean Duceppe, Mon oncle Antoine
Non-Feature Actor: Colin Fox, Durham and the Two Nations
Actress: Ann Knox, The Only Thing You Know
Non-Feature Actress: Carol Lazare, The Megantic Outlaw
Supporting Actor: Danny Freedman, Fortune and Men’s Eyes
Supporting Actress: Olivette Thibault, Mon oncle Antoine
Cinematography: Michel Brault, Mon oncle Antoine
Non-Feature Cinematography (colour): Bill Mason, Death of a Legend
Non-Feature Cinematography (b+w): Ron Hallis and Snak Zatoli, Night Shift
Editing: Douglas Robertson, Fortune and Men’s Eyes
Non-Feature Editing: John Sannen, Genetics: Man the Creator
Art Direction: Tiki Tiki
Non-Feature Art Direction: The Magnificent Gift
Musical Score: Mon oncle Antoine
Non-Feature Musical Score: Seasons of the Mind
Non-Feature Sound Editing: Les Philharmonistes
Overall Sound: Mon oncle Antoine
Non-Feature Overall Sound: Sounds of Nature; North of Superior
Documentary (over 30m): Les Philharmonistes 
Short Documentary (under 30m): The Sea
Theatrical Short: Don’t Knock the Ox
Animated Short: Evolution
Arts and Experimental: Essai à la mille; Found Sculpture: Victor Tinkl
Special Awards: The Only Thing You Know

Feature Film: Wedding in White, (John Vidette)
Director: Gilles Carle, La Vraie Nature de Bernadette
Non-Feature Direction: André Brassard, Françoise Durocher, Waitress
Screenplay: Gilles Carle, La Vraie Nature de Bernadette
Non-Feature Screenplay: Michel Tremblay, Françoise Durocher, Waitress
Non-Feature Screenplay (non-dramatic): Chester Ronning, A Journey Forward: Chester Ronning in China
Actor: Gordon Pinsent, The Rowdyman
Non-Feature Actor: Sean Sullivan, Springhill
Actress: Micheline Lanctôt, La Vraie Nature de Bernadette
Non-Feature Actress: Patricia Collins, The Golden Handshake
Supporting Actor: Donald Pilon, La Vraie Nature de Bernadette
Supporting Actress: Doris Petrie, Wedding in White
Cinematography: Michel Brault, Le Temps d’une chasse
Non-Feature Cinematography: Georges Dugaux, À cris perdus
Editing: Danielle Gagné, La Vie rêvée
Non-Feature Editing: James N. Williams, Prologue to Power
Art Direction: Wedding in White
Non-Feature Art Direction: Springhill
Musical Score: La Vraie Nature de Bernadette
Non-Feature Musical Score: Journey to Power
Sound Editing: Journey
Non-Feature Sound Editing: Wet Earth and Warm People
Overall Sound: Le Temps d’une chasse; Face-Off
Non-Feature Overall Sound: Wet Earth and Warm People; This Is a Photograph
Documentary: Selling Out
Theatrical Short: This Is a Photograph
Animated Short: Dans la vie
Special Awards: Le Temps d’une chase; Un Petit canard pas comme les autres
John Grierson Award: Colin Low
Wendy Mitchner Award: Mireille Dansereau for La Vie rêvée

Due to a last-minute boycott of the 1973 Canadian Film Awards by members of L’Association des réalisateurs et réalisatrices de film du Québec, the ceremony was cancelled and the Awards were announced at a press conference held in Montreal.

Feature Film: Slipstream, (James Margellos)
Director: David Acomba, Slipstream
Non-Feature Direction: Doug Jackson, The Sloane Affair; Arthur Lamothe, À bon pied bon oeil
Screenplay: Jacques Benoît and Denys Arcand, Réjeanne Padovani
Non-Feature Screenplay: Alvin Goldman and Doug Jackson, The Sloane Affair
Non-Feature Screenplay (non-dramatic): André Melançon, Des armes et les hommes; Keith Harley, The Winning of Nickel; Pen Densham, J. Fisher and John Watson, Streetwalker
Actor: Jacques Godin, O.K.… Laliberté
Non-Feature Actor: Marcel Sabourin, Des armes et les hommes
Actress: Geneviève Bujold, Kamouraska
Non-Feature Actress: Jackie Burroughs, Vicky
Supporting Actor: Willie Lamothe, La Mort d’un bûcheron
Supporting Actress: Camille Bernard, Kamouraska
Cinematography: Donald A. Wilder, Paperback Hero
Non-Feature Cinematography: Paul Vézina and Paul Maltais, Faire hurler les murs; Pierre Letarte, The Ungrateful Land: Roch Carrier Remembers Ste-Justine
Editing: Kirk Jones, Paperback Hero
Non-Feature Editing: Claude Lavoie, Faire hurler les murs; Danielle Gagné, À bon pied bon oeil
Art Direction: Kamouraska
Non-Feature Art Direction: The Sloane Affair
Musical Score: La Mort d’un bûcheron
Non-Feature Musical Score: Faire hurler les murs; To War and Back
Sound Editing: Slipstream
Non-Feature Sound Editing: The Shield
Overall Sound: L’Infonie inachevée; Paperback Hero
Non-Feature Overall Sound: Station 10; Are You Listening (You Out There?); Le Vent
Theatrical Documentary: Coming Home
Documentary: Grierson; Faire hurler les murs
Theatrical Short: Goodbye Sousa   
Animated Short: The Family that Dwelt Apart
Special Awards: Kamouraska; To War and Back
John Grierson Award: Robert Forget
Wendy Mitchener Award: Gilles Carle

The CFAs were cancelled in 1974. Film of the Year was The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz (John Kemeny, presented in 1975).

Film of the Year: Les Ordres (Bernard Lalonde)
Feature Film: Les Ordres (Bernard Lalonde)
Director: Michel Brault, Les Ordres
Non-Feature Direction: Robin Spry, Action: The October Crisis of 1970
Screenplay: Michel Brault, Les Ordres
Adapted Screenplay: William Weintraub, Why Rock the Boat?
Non-Feature Screenplay: Patricia Watson, A Bird in the House
Non-Feature Screenplay (non-dramatic): Donald Brittain, Dreamland: A History of Early Canadian Movies 1895-1939
Actor: Stuart Gillard, Why Rock the Boat?
Non-Feature Actor: William Hutt, The National Dream
Actress: Margot Kidder, Black Christmas and A Quiet Day in Belfast
Non-Feature Actress: Jayne Eastwood, The Callaborators
Supporting Actor: Henry Beckman, Why Rock the Boat?
Non-Feature Supporting Actor: Patricia Hamilton, A Bird in the House
Supporting Actress: Lila Kedrova, Eliza’s Horoscope
Cinematography: Pier van der Linden, Eliza’s Horoscope
Non-Feature Cinematography: Kenneth W. Clark, Next Year in Jerusalem, The Collaborators, A Bird in the House
Editing: Stan Cole, Black Christmas
Non-Feature Editing: Arla Saare, Next Year in Jerusalem
Art Direction: Eliza’s Horoscope
Musical Score: Lions for Breakfast
Non-Feature Musical Score: Le Légende du vent
Sound Editing: Black Christmas
Non-Feature Sound Editing: Metamorphosis
Overall Sound: The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz; Eliza’s Horoscope
Non-Feature Overall Sound: Wings in the Wilderness; Goldwood; Whistling Smith; The Owl Who Married a Goose: An Eskimo Legend
Theatrical Documentary: Janis
Documentary (over 30m): Cree Hunters of Mistassini
Short Documentary (under 30m): At 99: A Portrait of Louise Tandy Murch
Theatrical Short: Along Those Lines
Animated Short: The Owl Who Married a Goose: An Eskimo Legend
Special Awards: Horseplay; Silent Movie; Eliza’s Horoscope
John Grierson Award: Pierre Juneau

Feature Film: Lies My Father Told Me, (Anthony Bedrich and Harry Gulkin)
Director: Harvey Hart, Goldenrod
Non-Feature Direction (non-dramatic): Donald Brittain and John Kramer, Volcano: An Inquiry into the Life and Death of Malcolm Lowery
Adapted Screenplay: Ted Allan, Lies My Father Told Me
Non-Feature Screenplay: David King, For Gentlemen Only
Non-Feature Screenplay (non-dramatic): Donald Brittain and John Kramer, Volcano: An Inquiry into the Life and Death of Malcolm Lowery
Actor: André Melançon, Partis pour la gloire
Non-Feature Actor: Ed McNamara and Hugh Webster, For Gentlemen Only
Actress: Marilyn Lightstone, Lies My Father Told Me
Non-Feature Actress: Luce Guilbeault, Bargain Basement
Supporting Actor: Frank Moore, The Far Shore
Non-Feature Supporting Actor: David Gardner, The Insurance Man from Ingersoll
Supporting Actress: Tedde Moore, Second Wind
Cinematography: Richard Leiterman, The Far Shore
Non-Feature Cinematography: Robert Ryan, Killers of the Wild
Editing: Don Shebib, Second Wind
Non-Feature Editing: John Kramer, Volcano: An Inquiry into the Life and Death of Malcolm Lowery
Art Direction: The Far Shore
Musical Score: La Tête de Normande St-Onge
Non-Feature Musical Score: Volcano: An Inquiry into the Life and Death of Malcolm Lowery
Sound Editing: Lies My Father Told Me
Non-Feature Sound Editing: Volcano: An Inquiry into the Life and Death of Malcolm Lowery
Overall Sound: Lies My Father Told Me
Non-Feature Overall Sound: Ahô… au coeur du monde primitif; The Last Cause
Theatrical Documentary: Ahô… au coeur du monde primitif
Documentary: Volcano: An Inquiry into the Life and Death of Malcolm Lowry
Theatrical Short: Cooperage
Animated Short: The Street
Arts and Experimental: Barbara Is a Vision of Loveliness
Special Awards: The Last Cause; Brethren
John Grierson Award: Tom Daly
Wendy Mitchener Award: Caroline Leaf for The Street

Feature Film: J.A. Martin, photographe, (Jean-Marc Garand)
Director: Jean Beaudin, J.A. Martin, photographe
Non-Feature Direction: Claude Jutra, Dreamspeaker
Adapted Screenplay: James DeFelice, Why Shoot the Teacher?
Non-Feature Screenplay: Cam Hubert, Dreamspeaker
Adapted Screenplay (non-dramatic): Donald Brittain, Henry Ford’s America
Actor: Len Cariou, One Man
Non-Feature Actor: George Clutesi, Dreamspeaker
Actress: Monique Mercure, J.A. Martin, photographe
Non-Feature Actress: Marina Dimakopoulos, Happiness Is Loving Your Teacher
Supporting Actor: Jean Lapointe, One Man
Non-Feature Supporting Actor: Jacques Hubert, Dreamspeaker
Supporting Actress: Carole Lazare, One Man
Cinematography: Pierre Mignot, J.A. Martin, photographe
Non-Feature Cinematography: Tim Sale, Dave Geddes, Ron Orieux and Jeff Mart, Spartree
Editing: Jean Beaudin and Hélène Girard, J.A. Martin, photographe; John Kramer, One Man
Non-Feature Editing: Mary Gross, Potters at Work
Art Direction: J.A. Martin, photographe
Non-Feature Art Direction: Woven in Time
Musical Score: Outrageous!
Non-Feature Musical Score: Dreamspeaker
Sound Editing: One Man
Non-Feature Sound Editing: Spartree
Overall Sound: One Man; J.A. Martin, photographe
Non-Feature Overall Sound: Greenpeace: Voyage to Save the Whales; Spartree
Documentary (over 30m): The Inquiry Film
Short Documentary (under 30m): Greenpeace: Voyage to Save the Whales
Theatrical Short: Spartree
Animated Short: Spinnolio
John Grierson Award: Fernand Dansereau
Wendy Mitchener Award: Zale Dalen for Skip Tracer
Golden Reel Award: Anthony Bedrich and Harry Gulkin, Lies My Father Told Me

Feature Film: The Silent Partner, (Stephen Young)
Director: Daryl Duke, The Silent Partner
Non-Feature Direction: Gilles Carle, L’Âge de la machine
Non-Feature Directon (non-dramatic): Bill Mason, Song of the Paddle
Screenplay: Martyn Burke, Power Play
Non-Feature Screenplay: Gilles Carle, L’Âge de la machine
Non-Feature Screenplay (non-dramatic): Donald Brittain, The Champions Parts I and II
Actor: Richard Gabourie, Three Card Monte
Non-Feature Actor: Brent Carver, One Night Stand
Actress: Helen Shaver, In Praise of Older Women
Non-Feature Actress: Chapelle Jaffe, One Night Stand
Supporting Actor: Henry Beckman, Blood and Guts
Non-Feature Supporting Actor: Willie Lamothe, L’Âge de la machine
Supporting Actress: Marilyn Lightstone, In Praise of Older Women
Cinematography: Miklos Lente, In Praise of Older Women
Non-Feature Cinematography: Ken Buck, Song of the Paddle; Pierre Letarte, L’Âge de la machine
Editing: George Appleby, The Silent Partner
Non-Feature Editing: Ted Remerowski and Steven Keller, The Champions Parts I and II
Art Direction: In Praise of Older Women
Non-Feature Art Direction: L’Âge de la machine
Musical Score: The Silent Partner
Non-Feature Musical Score: One Night Stand
Sound Editing: The Silent Partner
Non-Feature Sound Editing: Song of the Paddle
Overall Sound: The Silent Partner; Three Card Monte
Non-Feature Overall Sound: L’Âge de la machine; The Champions Parts I and II
Documentary: The Champions Parts I and II
Short Documentary: The Hottest Show on Earth
Theatrical Short: L’Affaire Bronswik
Animated Short: Afterlife
Special Award: Nelvana Studios
John Grierson Award: Donald Brittain
Wendy Mitchener Award: Richard Gabourie for Three Card Monte
Golden Reel Award: Lawrence Hertzog, Why Shoot the Teacher?

No Canadian Film Awards are presented in 1979.
Golden Reel Award: Allan King, Who Has Seen the Wind

Also see: The Genie Awards, Les Prix Jutra and the Canadian Screen Awards