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Babine (2008)

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Babine (2008)
This is the story of a man called Babine and the people of his village. We meet Toussaint Brodeur the Fly-tamer who is a blacksmith in love with a widow from St. Barnabé who cheats on him with the old-fashioned priest; Méo is a hairdresser whose love for the bottle results in his customers having strange hairdos; Madame Gélinas, who has been pregnant for the last two decades and who can’t seem to make her cakes rise anymore; the beautiful “belle Lurette” who has been crying her eyes out and peeling petals off daisies ever since her true love went to War; and, last but not least, Babine, the Witch`s son who is at odds with the strict new priest. All of this comes from the fertile mind of Fred Pellerin, who also narrates the film. Pellerin usually makes a living standing on a stage somewhere in Québec and more recently France telling wonderful, magical stories set in the village of St. Élie de Caxton. Babine is set at some unspecified time in the past, when oxes could fall in love and where a clock could grow from pocket watch that`s been tossed aside.

110 minutes
Release Date: Nov 28, 2008
Distributor: Alliance Vivafilm



Main cast:

Vincent-Guillaume Otis
Luc Picard
Alexis Martin
Isabel Richer
René Richard Cyr
Marie Brassard
Julien Poulin
Marie-Chantal Perron
Antoine Bertrand
Maude Laurendeau
Maxime Côté
Bobby Beshro
Gildor Roy
Maxime Le Flaguais

Lorraine Richard
Luc Martineau
Luc Picard
Fred Pellerin
Jérôme Sabourin
Gaëtan Huot
Normand Corbeil
Serge Fiori

Toussaint Brodeur
Le Curé Neuf
La sorcière
Méo Bellemare
Madame Gélinas
Le Vieux Curé
Jeannette Brodeur
La belle Lurette

Forgeron Riopel

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