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Baby Formula


81 minutes – mockumentary
Release date: May 22, 2009
Canadian distributor: Maple Pictures

Athena and Lilith are two women in love who are about to make history by having the first baby born to two biological mothers and no father.The couple wants a biological child of their own so badly that they use an experimental scientific process to make “female sperm” from Lilith’s stem cells. When the process works and Athena becomes pregnant with Lilith’s baby, the two are thrilled. However, some rules were broken, and they must keep what they’ve done a secret. Tension builds when Lilith becomes jealous and uses the same method to get pregnant behind Athena’s back. Adding to the turmoil is Athena’s brother, Larry who claims to be the father of Lilith’s baby. Meanwhile, Athena’s religious right-wing mother Wanda wavers between total denial and going through the roof. Her father Karl seems dumbfounded. Grandma Kate accepts the news with quips of humour, wisdom and love. Lilith’s gay alcoholic parents, Daniel and Edward, are ready to be granddads but have their own troubles to face. What begins as a story of advancements in science ultimately ends in a tale of love, acceptance and family.While everyone sits back to digest the surprising news of the pregnant couple, Karl makes an announcement that sends the family meeting into a tailspin. The trauma that results brings life’s blessings into perspective and acts as a catalyst for change and growth.

Photo by: Sandy Sokolowski. Used with Permission.

Baby Formula, movie poster



James Mou
Stephen Adams
Angela Reid


Angela Reid


Richard Beattie


Brian Harper


Mark Arcieri


Robert Carli

Cast: Roles:

Angela Vint
Megan Fahlenbock
Rosemary Dunsmore
Roger Dunn
Jesica Booker
Dmitry Chepovetsky
Michael Hanrahan
Hal Eisen
R.D. Reid
Matt Baram
Sarain Boylan
Maggie Cassella
Alison Reid
Rory Moy
Brock Burford

Grandma Kate
Dr. Oldenfield
Ultrasound Technician
Radio Interviewer
Documentary Interviewer
Drag Queen
Muscle Guy