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Baichwal, Burtynsky Begin Anthropocene


(January 8, 2016 – Toronto, ON) – The third film in a trilogy that includes multiple award-winning films Manufactured Landscapes and Watermark, Anthropocene is again a collaboration among co-director Jennifer Baichwal and producer/cinematographer Nick de Pencier of Mercury Films, and world-renowned photographer and co-director Edward Burtynsky.

The film follows scientists from the Anthropocene Working Group and their inquiry into the overwhelming evidence that we are now living in the Anthropocene (or Human) Epoch. Using their signature high-end production values and cutting-edge camera technologies, the filmmaking team will traverse the globe, going up in the sky, underwater and underground, to document evidence of human planetary domination.

The film will be accompanied by a museum show incorporating virtual reality, a photographic exhibition and a book.

“As we inch closer to what may be a tipping point for the planet through human activity, the Anthropocene film, book and museum exhibition will add another voice to the critical dialogue that will define this century and beyond,” said Edward Burtynsky.

Jennifer Baichwal added: “The argument that the Anthropocene Epoch is in full force is very powerful. Our past two films
have taken us to places we as humans are responsible for but would never normally experience. Anthropocene will continue that journey of exploring the largest human incursions on the planet, and their repercussions.”

While no release date has been set, it is expected the feature documentary will be ready in the fall of 2017.