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Bailey’s Billion$


90 minutes – Family
Language: English
Release date: August 5, 2005
DVD release date: April 25, 2006
Canadian distributor: Odeon Films

Every so often you’ll hear a news story about how some rich person, in the misguided belief animals are better than humans, has left a fortune to some deserving cat or dog or pig or something. That simple idea drives this comedy. You can tell it started out as a Canadian movie because an early title was Bailey`s Millions. I suppose we need to think on a larger scale. The “Bailey” in the title is a dog. But no ordinary dog. He`s a sweet and savvy talking golden retriever who inherits a fortune from his devoted owner, Constance Pennington. His shy guardian, Ted, a renowned animal behaviorist and the only one who can speak “Doggish,” becomes attracted to Marge, an environmental and animal activist. Marge works at the Animal Rights and Research Foundation (ARRF) and is the single mother of a 12-year-old girl named Sam. At the same time, Bailey falls for Sam’s dog, Tessa, a super-smart border collie. The titular heads of ARRF, Dolores and Caspar Pennington, dream up a plot to recoup the fortune they believe is rightfully theirs. But then Bailey suddenly disappears. Bailey’s Billions is a family comedy and promises solid entertainment value. The director, David Devine, was behind such the previously successful projects as A Young Children’s Concert with Raffi and Beethoven Lives Upstairs.



Michael Cowan
David Devine


David Devine


Heather Conkie
Mary Walsh


Gavin Finney


David Martin


Lou Pomanti

Cast: Roles:

Dean Cain
Laurie Holden
Tim Curry
Jennifer Tilly
Jackie Burroughs
Max Baker
Jon Lovitz
Munro Chambers
Eugene Lipinski
Sheila McCarthy
Angela Vallee
Kenneth Welsh

Richard Waugh

Craig Snoyer

Theodore Maxwell
Marge Maggs
Caspar Pennington
Dolores Pennington
Constance Pennington
Don Donald
Bailey (voice)

Peggy Delaney
Samantha Maggs
Mouse Delaney
Harry Innis
Court Room Guard