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Being Erica (2009-2011)


Debut: January 5, 2009
Originating Network: CBC (Canada)
13 x 60-minutes (2009)
12 x 60-minutes (2009-2010)
13 x 60 minutes (2010)
11 x 60 minutes (2011)

What happens when life just doesn’t turn out as we expect it will? What if you had the benefit of hindsight and could alter those defining choices that you now regret? Welcome to the life of 30-something Erica Strange, where the classic fantasy of revisiting the past offers her a chance to cope with her life and come to terms with her choices. In Being Erica, life changes forever for the over-educated and underachieving Erica when she meets Dr. Tom, a mysterious therapist who takes her back in time for a chance to do over those life-defining moments with the foresight and wisdom of seeing how they played out. From prom nights and first kisses to job interviews, Erica`s list of regrets has accumulated to the point where she must act now or forever accept her mediocre life.



James Hurst
Karen McClellan
Regina Robb
Steve Wakefield
Claire Welland

Executive Producer:

David Fortier
Aaron Martin
Ivan Schneeberg
Jana Sinyor


Daegan Fryklind
Ian Carpenter

Consulting Producer:

Michael MacLennan
Shelley Scarrow

Line Producer:

Steve Wakefield


Chris Grismer
Philip Earnshaw
Holly Dale
Jeff Woolnough
Gary Harvey
Rick Rosenthal
John Fawcett
Graeme Campbell
Alex Chapple
Kelly Makin
Ron Murphy
David Wharnsby
Paul Fox
Ken Girotti
Jerry Ciccoritti
Michael McGowan
Peter Wellington
Erik Canuel
Kari Skogland


Ian Carpenter
Semi Chellas
Julia Cohen
Amanda Fahey
David Fortier
Daegan Fryklind
Jessie Gabe
James Hurst
Michael MacLennan
Graeme Manson
Aaron Marti
Karen McClellan
Kate Melville
Sean Reycraft
Shelley Scarrow
Ivan Schneeberg
Jana Sinyor
Esta Spalding
Linsey Stewart
Wil Zmak


Thom Best
Michael Galbraith
Luc Montpellier
Derick V. Underschultz


Bruce Lange
Susan Maggi
Wendy Hallam Martin
David Wharnsby


Lily Frost
Trevor Yule

Production Designer:

John Dondertman
Peter Cosco
Lindsey Hermer-Bell

Art Director:

Rory Cheyne
Ian Hall
Michele Brady

Costume Designer:

Luis Sequeira
Shelly Mansell

Cast: Roles:

Erin Karpluk
Michael Riley
Reagan Pasternak
Kathleen Laskey
Joanna Douglas
Morgan Kelly
John Boylan
Vinessa Antoine
Paula Brancati
Tyron Leitso
Devon Bostick
Samantha Weinstein
Sarah Gadon
Jon Cor
Graham Greene
Adam MacDonald
Sebastian Pigott

Erica Strange
Dr. Tom
Julianne Giacomelli
Barb Strange
Samantha Strange
Grent Kennedy
Gary Strange
Judith Winter
Jenny Zane
Ethan Wakefield
Leo Strange
Young Erica Strange
Kate Atkins
Zach Creed
Dr. Arthur
Josh MacIntosh
Kai Booker