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Mickey Bennett


B: January 28, 1915 in Victoria, British Columbia
D: September 6, 1950 in Hollywood, California

“Little” Mickey Bennett was just 7 when he started his acting career. He was one of Hollywood’s many freckle-faced “enfants terribles” of the 1920s. Usually remembered for playing the nasty son of W.C. Fields in It’s the Old Army Game, and as the Bad Boy in Tillie’s Punctured Romance which costarred Marie Dressler and Charlie Chaplin.

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Reported Missing (1922)
The Man Who Played God (1922)
Loyal Wives (1923)
The Last Moment (1923)
The Empty Cradle (1923)
Marriage Morals (1923)
Big Brother (1923)
Second Youth (1924)
The New School Teacher (1924)
Big Pal (1925)
The Cohens and the Kellys (1926)
It’s the Old Army Game (1926)
Honesty -The Best Policy (1926)
A Boy of the Streets (1927)
Babe Comes Home (1927)
Slaves of Beauty (1927)
The Vanishing West (serial, 1928)
Tillie’s Punctured Romance (1928)
United States Smith (1928)
The Ghost Talks (1929)
The Dummy (1929)
Footlights and Fools (1929)

Strictly Modern (1930)
Swing High (1930)
The Finger Prints (1931)
Father’s Son (1931)
Big Business Girl (1931)
The Mayor of Hell (1933)
Laughter in Hell (1933)
Man on the Flying Trapeze (1935)

Tillie's Punctured Romance, movie,
This magazine ad for Tillie’s Punctured Romance was scanned from an original source in the Northernstars Collection.