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B: November 19, 1949 in Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, England

Nigel Bennett was an accomplished stage actor in England for fifteen years before moving to Canada in 1986. From 1992-1996, he starred in the Gemini nominated television series Forever Knight. His role as Lucien LaCroix brought him a Gemini Award in 1995. Of his many feature credits, his role in The Outside Chance of Maximilian Glick is particularly memorable and the film went on to be voted Best New Film at both the Toronto Festival of Festivals and the Vancouver International Film Festival in 1988. Nigel Bennett continues to work as a stage actor and makes regular appearances as Inspector Giles on the hit TV series, Murdoch Mysteries.

Features & TV Movies:
VR indicates Direct-to-Video Release

Urgh! A Music War (1981)
Gulag (TV-1985)
A Child’s Christmas in Wales (TV-1986)
Bay Coven (TV-1987)
The Outside Chance of Maximilian Glick (1988)
The Jeweler’s Shop (1988)

Narrow Margin (1990)
Hitler’s Daughter (1990)
Passage of the Heart (1992)
In Desperate Battle: Normandy 1944 (TV-1992)
The Women of Windsor (TV-1992)
Dieppe (TV-1993)
Shattered Trust: The Shari Karney Story (TV-1993)
Soft Deceit (1994)
Paint Cans (1994)
Legends of the Fall (1994)
Back in Action (1994)
Web of Deceit (TV-1994)
Ultimate Betrayal (TV-1994)
Model by Day (TV-1994)
Madonna: Innocence Lost (TV-1994)
The Shamrock Conspiracy (TV-1995)
Love and Betrayal: The Mia Farrow Story (TV-1995)
Harrison Bergeron (TV-1995)
Cagney & Lacey: The View Through the Glass Ceiling (TV-1995)
Between Love and Honor (TV-1995)
Friends at Last (TV-1995)
Where’s the Money, Noreen? (TV-1995)
Memory Run (1996)
Desperate Choice (TV-1996)
Ed McBain`s 87th Precinct: Ice (TV-1996)
Darkman III: Die Darkman Die (1996)
Star Command (TV-1996)Gotti (TV-1996)
Sanctuary (1997)
Lies He Told (TV-1997)
Flood: A River`s Rampage (TV-1997)
The Arrow (TV-1997)
Any Mother’s Son (TV-1997)
Murder at 1600 (1997)
Strike! (1998)
One Tough Cop (1998)
Naked City: A Killer Christmas (TV-1998)
Vanished Without a Trace (TV-1999)
Different (TV-1999)
Half a Dozen Babies (TV-1999)
Freefall (TV-1999)Top of the Food Chain (1999)

The Crossing (2000)
Catch a Falling Star (2000)
Anne of Green Gables: The Continuing Story (TV-2000)
The Skulls (2000)
Rats & Rabbits (2000)
Infection (2000)
A Town Without Christmas (TV-2001)
Phase IV (2001)
The Pilot’s Wife (TV-2002)
Too Young to be a Dad (TV-2002)
Cypher (2002)
The Scream Team (TV-2002)
Interceptor Force (TV-2002)
Heart of a Stranger (TV-2002)
Mrs. Ashboro’s Cat (TV-2003)
Do or Die (2003)
Martha Inc.: The Martha Stewart Story (TV-2003)
Sex and the Single Mom (TV-2003)
Rush of Fear (TV-2003)
P.I.: Post Impact (2003)
Phantom Force (TV-2004)
Reversible Errors (TV-2004)
Heaven is Empty (2004)
Plain Truth (TV-2004)
A Bug and a Bag of Weed (TV-2006)
Just Buried (2007)
Matters of Life and Dating (TV-2007)
Bridal Fever (TV-2008)
Passage (2008)

The Corridor (2010)
Eternal Kiss (2010)
Time of Death (TV-2013)
Prisoner X (2015)
xXx: Return of Xander Cage (2017)
The Shape of Water (2017)

TV Series – Cast:
Road to Avonlea (1990)
Forever Knight (1992)
Degree of Guilt (1995, mini-series)
Action Man (voice, 1995)
Psi Factor (1996-1999)
War of 1812 (1999, mini-series)

Lexx: The Series (2000-2002)
Widows (2002, mini-series)
Trudeau II: Maverick in the Making (2005, mini-series)
The Summit (2008, mini-series)
Burn Up (2008, mini-series)
The Border (2008-2010)

Sea Wolf (2010, mini-series)
The Kennedys (2011, mini-series)
Murdoch Mysteries (2011-2015)

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