Best Sellers


100 minutes – Drama, Comedy
Language: English
Festival release date:
Release date: September 17, 2021
Production companies: Wishing Tree Productions, Item 7, Wacki Media Production
Canadian distributor: Mongrel Media

Lucy Stanbridge (Aubrey Plaza) has inherited her father’s boutique publishing house, and the ambitious would-be editor has nearly sunk it with failing YA titles and bad reviews. When she discovers the company is owed a book by Harris Shaw (Michael Caine), a reclusive, cantankerous, booze-addled author who originally put the company on the map, she looks to him for one last stab at salvation, both commercial and critical. Her timing couldn’t be more perfect. Harris owes money and he happens to have a new book – which he hates. Lucy’s ecstatic until she finds out Harris’s old contract stipulates that no one edit his work. However, in exchange, he must tour the book. And so is born the book tour from hell – where fame doesn’t equal fortune, twitter followers don’t add up to shit, and the legacy you’re trying to uphold might be born out of lies the past can’t contain.

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Jonathan Vanger
Pierre Even
Cassian Elwes
Arielle Elwes
Wayne Marc Godfrey

Executive Producer:

Petr Jákl
Martin J. Barab
Hussain Amarshi
Sashi Arnold
Paul-E. Audet
Kevin Bernhardt
Mark Damon
Jere Hausfater
Adam Goldworm
Joe Sisto

Associate Producer:

Tom Vanger
Jeannette Garcia

Consulting Producer:

Nicki Cortese


Lina Roessler


Anthony Grieco


Claudine Sauvé, CSC


Arthur Tarnowski


Paul Leonard-Morgan

Production Designer:

Mario Hervieux

Art Director:

Stéphane Dufour
Ginette Paré (Set Decorator)

Costume Designer:

Sophie Lefebvre

Cast: Roles:

Michael Caine
Aubrey Plaza
Scott Speedman
Ellen Wong
Cary Elwes
Luc Morissette
Veronica Ferres
Frank Schorpion
Florence Situ
Philip Le Maistre
Linda Nourse
Sebree Laurie
Briauna James
Charli Birdgenaw
Massimo Diem
Sofia Timotheatos
Thomas Niles
Brandon Lorimier
Chance Jones Sauray
Max Laferrière
Michelle Rambharose
Susie Almgren
Natalie Darbyson
Sarah Navaratnam
Christopher Hayes
Alex Petrachuk
Benjamin Muir
Rachel Osborne
Patrick Park
Joelle Jeremie
Elana Dunkelman
Udit Bombay
Victoria Sanchez
Georgia Remond
Elisabeth Etienne
Megan Jonker
Rahul Gandhi
Frank Fiola
Alessandro Russotti
Glen Bowser

Harris Shaw
Lucy Stanbridge
Jack Sinclair
Rachel Spence
Halpren Nolan
Joseph Stanbridge
Drew Davis
Phil Rosen
Dr. Chen
Verne Olson
Sister France
Hipster – Lizard Lounge
Teen Reviewer
Tattooed Kid
Tween Girl
Earnest Manager
Bro Stoner
Grant Recipient
Legal Minion
Legal Minion
Book Launch Guest
Nun Receptionist
Second Tween Girl
News Anchor
Guy at Road House Bar
Book Employee
Girl Beside Lucy
Hipster – Road House Bar
Hotel Clerk
Nurse with Harris
Young Guide
Bar Patron
Michael Caine Double