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Black Code


88 minutes – Documentary
Release date: April 14, 2017
Distributor: Mongrel Media

Black Code is a gripping account of how governments control and manipulate the internet in order to censor and monitor their citizens. With stories from exiled Tibetan monks circumventing China’s surveillance apparatus, Syrian citizens tortured for Facebook posts, Brazilian activists using social media to distribute alternative news, and Pakistani online violence against women, we see firsthand the high-stakes consequences that our unprecedented level of digital communication can produce. As this battle for control of cyberspace is waged, our ideas of citizenship, privacy, and
democracy will be challenged to the very core.

The cast list contains the names of the people who participated in this documentary.

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Nicholas de Pencier

Executive Producer:

Nicholas de Pencier
Daniel Iron

Associate Producer:

Nadia Tavazzani


Nicholas de Pencier

Story Editor:

Laird Brown
Anne MacKenzie


Nicholas de Pencier


Eric Pedicelli


Phil Strong (Additional Music)

Cast: Roles:

Ronald Deibert
Shahzad Ahmad
Dr. Ayman Alloush
Bytes for All
Gul Bukhari
Masashi Crete-Nishihata
Jakub Dalek
Orlando Zaccone D’Elia Filho
Mohammad Dhnie
Wjd Dhnie
Golog Jigme
Jon Karlung
Tadesse Kersmo
William Marczak
Morgan Marquis-Boire
Midia Ninja Collective
Ivana Bentes Oliveira
Filipe Garcia Peçanha aka. Carioca
John Scott-Railton
Dave Seglins
Felipe Altenfelder Silva
Edward Snowden
Syrian Media Organization
Bruno Ferreira Teles
J. Lhadon Tethong
Kanyag Tsering
Nart Villeneuve