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Photo © Rhombus Media (Blindness) Inc., O2 Films and Bee Vine Pictures. All Rights Reserved.

121 minutes – Drama
Release date: October 3, 2008
DVD release date: February 10, 2009
Distributor: Alliance Films

This Brazil-Canada-Japan coproduction was written by Don McKellar and based on the 1995 Nobel Prize-winning novel by Portuguese writer Jose Saramago. It tells the story of the inhabitants of a city that is suddenly struck with a strange plague, leaving up to 90 per cent of the population devastated by blindness. A small group of the afflicted band together to triumphantly overcome the horrific conditions of their imposed quarantine. Directed by Brazilian filmmaker Fernando Meirelles, the film was shot in Toronto in 2007 and then moved to Brazil in October. It was selected to open the 2008 Cannes Film Festival and the 2008 Vancouver International Film Festival.

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Niv Fichman
Sari Friedland
Andrea Barata Ribeiro
Sonoko Sakai


Fernando Meirelles


Don McKellar


César Chartone


Daniel Rezende


Marco Antônio Guimarães

Production Designer:

Tule Peake

Costume Designer:

Renée April

Cast: Roles:

Julianne Moore
Mark Ruffalo
Alice Braga
Yusuke Iseya
Yoshino Kimura
Don McKellar
Maury Chaykin
Mitchell Nye
Danny Glover
Gael García Bernal
Sandra Oh
Martha Burns
Michael Mahonen
Nadia Litz
Mpho Koaho
Joe Pingue
Susan Coyne
Joris Jarsky
Linlyn Lue
Scott Anderson
Jackie Brown
Billy Otis
Tom Melissis
Joe Cobden
Jorge Molina
Isai Rivera Blas
Katherine East
Eduardo Semerjian
Francisco Meirelles
Amanda Hiebert
Mike G. Yohannes
Agi Gallus

Doctor’s Wife
Girl with the dark glasses
First blind man
First blind man’s wife
The thief
The accountant
Boy with a squint
Old man with eye patch/Narrator
King of Ward 3
Minister of Health
Woman with insomnia
Woman of Ward 1
Pharmacist’s assistant
Taxi driver
The receptionist
The hooligan
Emissary of ward 2
Meek Inmate
Woman of ward 2
The John / Engineer
Police officer
The hotel security guard
Man of ward 3
Concerned Pedestrian #1
Dead body
Hotel maid
Man of ward 3
Woman in ward 2