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Bones of Crows Honoured at First Peoples’ Festival Awards

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Photo of Grace Dove by Farah Nosh, courtesy of Elevation Pictures.

Bones of Crows Honoured at First Peoples’ Festival Awards
by Staff Editors

(August 15, 2023 – Montréal, QC) This city’s International First Peoples’ Festival kicked off its 33rd edition on August 8th with a stunning line-up of films, musical performances, exhibitions, fun and activities elebrating Indigenous art, history and culture. At the opening, co-founder and artistic director André Dudemaine said, “There is music. There are films. There are videos. There are traditions. There are fights. There are militants, and there is food!” There are also awards recognizing Indigenous creators from around the world.

Bones of Crows, movie, poster,Bones of Crows, which was released theatrically on June 2, picked up two prestigious awards. The Air Canada – Matera Award is for Aboriginal filmmakers based in Canada who have made a film with international distribution potential. The winning films will be screened at the Matera International Film Festival in Italy (Sept 30 – Oct 7 2023) and the award includes travel both ways for the winning filmmakers. Marie Clements and Bones of Crows was awarded First Place and Tanya Tagak, Chelsea McMullan and their film Chasseuse de sons (Ever Deadly) picked up 2nd prize.

Marie Clements and Bones of Crows was also given the APTN Award, which is dedicated to an aboriginal filmmaker who has distinguished himself/herself during the year and is given for Outstanding Achievement of the Year in Aboriginal Cinema.

Other awards include:

Rigoberta-Menchu Community Award is given by the Rigoberta Menchú Tum Foundation to productions by an indigenous people or community on the theme of “identity, discrimination and intercultural dialogue”, or which respond to a need for community development in terms of speaking out, recording collective memory, preserving cultural heritage, moving towards healing, fighting for rights, popular education or economic leverage. First Prize went to We Are Guardians, (Chelsea Greene, Rob Grobman, Edivan Guajajara) and Second Prize went to Twice Colonized (Lin Alluna), which opened the 33rd International First Peoples Festival. La rebelión de las flores, (Maria Laura Vasquez) was given a Special Mention.

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Photo from Twice Colonized by Angela Gzowski courtesy of Hot Docs.

International First Peoples Festival Awards – Trillion Grant is awarded as part of the First Peoples’ Festival to a young emerging artist in visual arts and fine crafts. With a 1500$ bursary for the winner, Catherine Boivin.

Best International Short Film Award is given to a short film for the quality of its cinematic expression (narrative structure, cinematography, set design, editing, sound design, direction of actors, screenplay, animation techniques, etc.). These two films were recognized: Heroínas, (Marina Herrera, Peru) and Nhakpoti, (Pat-i Kayapó, Paul Chilsen, Brazil).

International First Peoples' Festival, image, Best Canadian Short Film – Espaces Autochtones / SRC Award is given to a Canadian short film for the quality of its cinematic expression as a whole (narrative structure, photo direction, set design, editing, sound concept, direction of actors, script, animation techniques, etc.). With a $2,500 bursary for the winner. The winner was Kanatenhs – When The Pine Needles Fall (Ellen Gabriel). The short Braided Together (Victoria Anderson-Gardner, Kyle Schmalenberg) was given a Special Mention.

The Main Film Award for emerging Indigenous Artists goes to an emerging indigenous filmmaker, from Canada or elsewhere, for a film revealing promising talent. It comes with a $1,000 bursary and the winner was The Voyager’s Legacy (Bailey Poching). Street Lights (Te Mahara Tamehana) received a Special Mention.

Les Films du 3 Mars Grant for A Canadian Documentary carries a $750 bursary, which is awarded to a documentary filmmaker in Canada, with an offer to present his/her film on the FM3.CA VOD platform, to encourage him/her in the production of meaningful works about Aboriginal peoples and cultures. This year’s winner was Kaatohkitopii: The Horse He Never Rode, (Trevor Solway).

SOURCE: International First Peoples Festival.